Tourism Data Warehouse

Easy access to rich and accurate data from tourism providers is the key to any successful e-tourism strategy. This raw material helps destinations market themselves across all channels seamlessly.

Maintaining this data however is a huge, ongoing task and it is imperative that you have the most advanced suite of tools to make the process as painless as possible.

Enter the Tourism Data Warehouse (TDW).

Designed to make data management simple, our TDW is a very sophisticated software application that covers the core providers types of Accommodation, Events, Attractions and Eateries, plus the whole range of products that come under the remit of an e-tourism organisation, such as Conferences and Weddings Venues, Activities, Entertainment, Facilities, Retail, Transport, Towns and Villages and Beaches etc.

The TDW also includes an intuitive extranet to enable providers to take ownership of their own content and thereby work collaboratively with the Data Stewards at the local destination level.

This unique tool affords the data managers unprecedented control, not only over the collection and maintenance of the data but also the many and varied means by which this data is published to the outside world. Collect once, publish everywhere is the mantra. Truly extend the reach of your destination.