MailMinder - Email Marketing Solution

Intelligent, integrated e-Marketing that takes your Destination Places.

Get the very best from both your data and your website with MailMinder, intelligent e-Marketing for Destinations.

MailMinder is a dedicated eMail Marketing solution that gives your DMO maximum email engagement, drives conversions and improves campaign results, closing the loop between marketing activity and visitor/trade interactions by allowing you to truly exploit your contact data.

MailMinder is unique in that it pulls together your website, your product database and your CRM into one seamless eco-system, offering you endless e-Marketing possibilities.

Simple and Intuitive User Interface 

Building an engaging email shouldn’t be an arduous task and our drag & drop functionality makes it easier than ever before. Simply select the parts you need from the toolkit and quickly create the layout that works for you, resulting in impactful mobile-optimised emails with no requirement for technical knowledge.

Mailminder - email marketing solution for tourism

You can then focus on the content and we’ve made life easier there too. 

  • Build email templates from scratch in minutes
  • Select from pre-built templates
  • Re-use previous emails as a quick starting point for a new campaign
  • Use Drag & Drop functionality to modify the layout

Deep Integration with your DMS Product Data 

Save time and integrate your accommodation, attractions and activity providers and events without manual importing of copy, images or URL links.

MailMinder is a totally integrated part of our e-Tourism Solution and contains several controls that contain featured DMS products as an integral part of their content. Drop down lists make it simple to select and add content as and when you need it.

Dynamic List Management and Scheduling

MailMinder seamlessly builds on both our Visitor CRM module and our Trade CRM module.  The Visitor CRM module already captures valuable information such as lifestyle interests, bookings and brochure requests, and enables you to build targeted recipient lists for each campaign. Likewise, the Trade CRM module already holds information about your local trade, such as the type of business, when they joined the database, what awards/facilities they have, the role each contact has etc, enabling you to target your trade communication accurately at the correct people in the correct organisations.

The difference now though is that Mailing Lists are dynamic, continually updating with live data based upon the criteria that you defined.

What this means is that you only have to create a mailing list once rather than each time you send out an eNewsletter, simplifying the whole process and keeping your work-flow clean and tidy. In addition you can now schedule your campaigns in advance, knowing that when the email is sent the data will be completely up to date and your marketing will reach the maximum number of potential recipients.

Performance Reports

It’s always great to know how you might improve your visitor or trade engagement. MailMinder reports will show you how well you’re connecting with your audience and how well your campaigns are performing, making sure you are getting the most out of your CRM.

As well as providing the usual basic statistics, such as successful delivery, opens etc., the system will be capable of tracking web interactions that result from the mailing, allowing fine detail to be recorded against the individual user, including:

  • No. of Emails Despatched
  • % of Emails Delivered
  • % of Emails Opened
  • No. of click-throughs on each article
  • List of recipients who clicked each article etc.

Intelligent Visitor Emails Perfectly Targeted

Visitors expect email marketing to be engaging but most of all, relevant to their interests.

Intelligent eMarketing utilises as much data as possible. From the moment someone visits your website, MailMinder can track and store their behaviour, noting which tourism products they searched for, looked at and added to their itinerary as well as inferred information such as the likely date of their stay based on their event and accommodation search profiles.

Whilst all this data is initially anonymised, at the point that the visitor decides to engage with the DMO e.g. sign-up to receive an eNewsetter etc. we can tie this anonymised data back to the now known user all in alignment with their data protection approval.

What this means to you is that you can now create mailing lists based on actual user behaviour rather than asking the user at sign-up to tick from a static list of user preferences.

So, whether you need to promote your providers, push products, share some big news or launch an event, MailMinder makes it easy to create email campaigns that suit your message. And, using our intuitive personalisation and targeting functionality ensures that your emails are highly tailored to the individual and their behaviour, increasing their click through levels and chances of engaging.

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