MailMinder - Email Marketing Solution

Intelligent, integrated e-Marketing that takes your Destination Places.

Get the very best from both your data and your website with MailMinder, intelligent email marketing for destinations.

MailMinder is a dedicated email marketing solution that gives your DMO maximum email engagement, drives conversions and improves campaign results; closing the loop between marketing activity and visitor interactions by allowing you to truly exploit your visitor data.

MailMinder is unique in that it pulls together your website, your product database and your CRM into one comprehensive solution, offering you endless e-Marketing possibilities to both your visitor and contact databases. 

Simple and Intuitive User Interface 

Building an engaging email shouldn’t be an arduous task and our drag & drop functionality makes it easier than ever before. Simply select the controls you need from the extensive toolkit to quickly create the layout that works for you; resulting in impactful mobile-optimised emails with no specialist technical knowledge.

Mailminder - email marketing solution for tourism

You can then focus on the content and we’ve made life easier there too. 

  • Build email templates from scratch in minutes
  • Re-use previous emails as a quick starting point for a new campaign 
  • Use drag & drop functionality to add text, images, headings etc
  • Add products straight from the DMS including pre-populated links to the listings on your website
  • Send test emails and preview the display on multiple screen sizes

Deep Integration with your DMS Product Data 

The inclusion of local business listings is a core feature of any DMO’s marketing emails, not only to inspire and inform visitors but to also fulfil membership commitments.  MailMinder makes this both quick and easy while ensuring accuracy by pulling product information directly from the records stored within the DMS – no more copying and pasting descriptions, images and website links – simply use the built-in search to add the key product details to your mailout.

Dynamic List Management and Scheduling

From the moment someone visits your website, MailMinder will track and store their behaviour, noting which tourism products they searched for, viewed and added to their itinerary as well as inferred information such as the likely date of their stay based on their event and accommodation searches.

Initially this data is anonymised but at the point that the visitor decides to engage with the DMO e.g. sign-up to receive emails we can tie this back to the now known user all in alignment with their data protection approval. What this means to you is that you will be able to create mailing lists based on actual user behaviour. Combining this with other criteria such as interactions with previous mailouts, visitor location, interests etc results in highly targeted and effective emails leading to higher levels of engagement. As the mailing lists are dynamic, any new visitors that sign up and meet the defined criteria will automatically be included in your next mailout. The option to schedule mailouts means they will land in your visitor’s inbox at the optimum time.

Business CRM Integration

MailMinder is a key component of the Simpleview Europe Business CRM functionality, funneling the vast product and contact data into flexible, comprehensive and dynamic mailing lists to enable rapid communications with businesses contacts – either through regularly scheduled newsletters or ad-hoc emails to specific segments of your product database. 

Performance Reports and Dashboard

The MailMinder Dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of how your most recent mailouts have performed; displaying a visual summary and graph of key metrics. Individual reports, including a heat map, for each mailout also offer a more in depth understanding of engagement levels.

MailMinder Dashboard 

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