Enterprise Content Management System (eCMS)

Total control of your website content, whenever you need to change it.

Our enterprise level Content Management System (eCMS) is specifically integrated with the the Destination Management System (DMS), giving you unprecedented control over the content and functionality of your website.

Whether you want to modify the content of existing pages, re-order the navigation bar or create a campaign website on the fly, the eCMS is a user-friendly tool that has been developed to enable your in-house marketing team to edit your site without the need for specialist web skills.

Key features include:

  • Friendly URLs
  • User-definable Style Sheets
  • Multi-lingual page types
  • Page Templating
  • Staging of In-Progress web sites
  • Workflow and Publishing Management
  • Search and Display of all Tourism Product
  • Online Booking
  • Itinerary Planning Tool 
  • Integrated and dynamic street level Mapping
  • Brochure and Information Requests
  • Site Registration

Simple to use and easy to understand, the eCMS will enable your team easily manage content and keep it SEO friendly through its unique design structure. With over 100 controls and the advanced functionality of the DMS in reusable components – this system offers your team a very powerful tool, that helps you to react to your markets quickly and effectively, whilst not compromising on style or design.

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"The brand new tourism website will be a fantastic promotional tool for the Cotswolds."

Victoria Carman, Digital Marketing Manager for the Cotswolds Tourism Partnership