Swiss collaboration harnesses the power of SendSites for endless possibilities

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Switzerland is renowned for its status as a confederation and so it’s unsurprising that — when it came to finding a more efficient way of creating client proposals — Switzerland Convention & Incentive Bureau (SCIB) collaborated with regional convention partners and key venues across the country in order to find a perfect solution. From Zurich, St. Gallen and Basel in the north, Davos in the east and Lausanne and Montreux in the west, proposals manually cobbled together in an inefficient, labour-intensive process  one in which the outcome was often  uncertain — was par for the course.


The challenge was to offer the respective convention bureaus of Basel Tourism, Destination Davos Klosters, Montreux-Vevey Tourisme, St.Gallen-Bodensee Tourism, SwissTech Convention Center, and Zürich Tourism a solution that took the pain out of creating RFPs. Prior to  Simpleview, these bureaus had been creating proposals using Word or PowerPoint files that were then converted into bulky PDF files, distributed and — depending on the size of the file — hopefully received. This process was not only lengthy and awkward, but did not  allow the bureaus to personalise or track their proposals efficiently.…

From the point of view of these respective bureaus, the ultimate goal was the same: to remove the manual hassle of the proposal creation process and to enable teams to create RFPs that could be customised and tracked with ease. SendSites offered that solution.

These six convention bureaus independently  adopted SendSites and immediately found  that its in-built functionality allowed them to  create the proposals they wanted in an efficient  manner. First and foremost, this solution — in  which proposals are sent via a single link —  rendered clunky PDF files obsolete. Featuring real-time analytics, SendSites enables these individual bureaus to track if their proposals have been received and opened. It also allows them to gain deeper insight into how clients

interact with particular areas of content within a given proposal. SendSites offers each and every one of these bureaus a bird’s-eye view into what content truly sparks interest among their clients. What’s more, the adoption of SendSites also enabled these individual bureaus to seamlessly update and amend text, images, and information based on the immediate reaction of their clients — a feature that allows for endless personalisation and customisation of a given proposal. From implementation to onboarding,  Simpleview worked with these clients to offer comprehensive training, ensuring that all six bureaus were confident and able to harness the power of SendSites to the fullest extent.

SendSites allows us to customise the proposal to fit each customer’s needs, showcasing our partners, the convention locations, and further highlights of our region in the best possible way.”

– CHIARA ROSSI, St.Gallen-Bodensee Tourism

For the individual bureaus, the results of adopting SendSites have been tangible and immediate. “SendSites allows us to customise the proposal to fit each customer’s needs, showcasing our partners, the convention locations, and further highlights of our region in the best possible way,” said Chiara Rossi, Head of St.Gallen Convention Bureau at St.Gallen-Bodensee Tourism. Johanna Miethke, Sales Manager at Basel Convention Bureau, adds, “You can easily adapt the texts and images, even if the proposal link has already been sent out. Based on the number of clicks, it is possible to determine which topics are particularly relevant for the recipients and, if necessary, shorten irrelevant content in future proposals.”

For both Karin Subert Hagemann, Head of Markets & Convention Bureau at Montreux[1]Vevey Tourisme and Myriam Loulid, Head of Marketing & Communication at SwissTech Convention Center, the solution’s in-built automation is the key to offering a neat and attractive proposal. Vanessa Reis, Head of Convention Bureau, Zürich Tourism, is succinct when it comes to articulating how SendSites benefits her team. What does she love most about the product? “Faster proposals,” Reis states. But for Dagmar Weber, Head of Davos Congress at Destination Davos Klosters, there’s no limit to the speed and ease with which proposals can be created and customised. Simply put, for Weber’s team — as for users across five other bureaus in Switzerland — SendSites provides “endless possibilities” for client-facing documents.


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