AudioEye Helps Ensure Access for All for Visit Bath Site

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Simpleview client, Visit Bath has achieved a major boost to the accessibility compliance of its visitor site, following the implementation of the latest version of AudioEye.  

Digital accessibility is more important than ever as an increasing amount of information is provided via the web and mobile devices. In 2021 the World Health Organisation estimated that 15 – 20% of the world’s population (equating to between 1 billion and 1.4 billion worldwide) have some level of disability (either physical or mental) and the number is increasing. Despite that, it’s estimated that 98% of websites are inaccessible to disabled people in some form.

In the UK for example, the value of the Purple Pound (spending power of disabled people and their families) is worth £274 billion and is rising by around 14% per annum, yet less than 10% of businesses have a plan to target this market.  The total value of the accessible tourism market in the UK was around £17.7 billion in 2021, according to a report by

Introducing AudioEye…

AudioEye is the industry-leading digital accessibility platform, providing a path toward ADA and WCAG accessibility compliance to our DMO clients. With AudioEye, every aspect of web accessibility, from finding and resolving issues to navigating the legal landscape and ongoing maintenance is covered, without the need to make fundamental changes to the website’s structure, source code or browser-based tools.

Websites which incorporate AudioEye’s technology feature the ‘Man in Blue’ internationally recognised digital accessibility icon in the corner of the screen.  By clicking on the icon, website visitors can access the Visual Toolkit, a robust customisation feature which allows them to correct accessibility issues like colours, contrasts, font sizes etc.  

The Results

Visit Bath launched its new site last November and installed AudioEye in March 2022.  Within a few days of installing the solution, the DMO had achieved the following results:

  • An accessibility score of 96 (compared to 74 without AudioEye)
  • 80% of the identified issues had been fixed
  • AudioEye Trusted status has been achieved - the AudioEye Trusted Certification represents a commitment to accessibility and digital inclusion

So how does AudioEye work for VisitBath?

  • For every visitor to, AudioEye finds accessibility errors and risks that prevent people with disabilities from understanding and interacting with the site
  • AudioEye automatically fixes many accessibility issues while the page loads, ensuring that the destination site meets many of the WCAG requirements for every visitor. With 70+ automated fixes (more than 2x competitors), visitors to the website get a better and more accessible experience automatically. This helps people with disabilities to access the DMO’s content and reduces the risk of a costly lawsuit.
  • AudioEye continuously monitors the site for new accessibility issues with every visitor. As the site’s content changes, AudioEye’s technology continues to find and fix issues automatically and the Accessibility Score updates in real time to reflect how the site is doing.

Since the implementation, the team at Visit Bath has also achieved the following:

  • trained all staff to add alt text to all images in the CMS and DMS
  • added alt text to their social media images where possible and used Accessible hashtags on social (capitalised to help ereaders)
  • produced content specifically about accessibility (not yet published on the site)
  • introduced a new focus on accessibility by asking businesses to provide as much detail as possible about their accessible features, to add as categories in the DMS and also in their main description to allow relevant searches to be performed, eg. by visitors who use a wheelchair, or mobility aid, visitors with hearing loss and/or sight loss, visitors with Dementia, neurodiverse visitors, or searches for facilities for carers/dedicated assistants and more.

Simpleview has access to a report showing how many issues have been identified on the site and how many fixes have been applied. It is worth noting that as a new site built to WCAG2.1, the severity of the issues identified was low. However, it is also important to understand that every time a site is edited it can have an impact on accessibility and that standards do continuously evolve. The presence of AudioEye on the site therefore means that the site is continuously monitored and updated.

If you’re interested in making your site more inclusive by installing AudioEye, please contact your Account Manager to find out more.

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