Introducing Amy, Our Latest Training & Sales Support Recruit

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The Simpleview team is delighted to announce the addition of Amy Knight-Dawson to our training and sales support team.   

Amy started her career in tourism over twenty years ago, a path that chose her long before she took her first tentative steps into the wide-open world of travel. Over the years, Amy has enjoyed a rewarding career in tourism, allowing her to grow in experience in many different sectors including retail travel, wholesale travel, sales, marketing and business development before joining Simpleview. Amy has a passion for training and helping others reach their full potential.

Her responsibilities include assisting our team of Account Managers by ensuring our clients, both new and existing, have access to all the training resources they need to maximise the potential of our solutions and improve customer satisfaction.  She also looks after the creation of training material and internal resources to support the sales journey. 

In her own time, Amy is an adrenaline junkie who is terrified of heights, a fear which countless abseils, bungee jumps, ziplines and walking safaris have yet to cure!  She describes herself as ‘spontaneous at heart, down to earth, fun-loving and curious’. 

Amy comments “My varied career has provided me with the opportunity to put my passion for people, technology and business development to work.  Simply put, I love what I do. I believe travel has the power to transform lives and livelihoods and I'm happy to play a part in it. 

My motto, 'variety Is the spice of life' has never let me down, encouraging me to keep an open mind, as does travel.  My preferred travel style is 'comfortable and close to nature', with lashings of la dolce vita. As a creative person, the natural spaces are an endless source of inspiration to me."

Welcome to the team Amy.  We can’t wait to get to know you and introduce you to our clients!


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