From fossil hunters to beach bums, Jurassic Coast’s new site has something for all

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Over the millennia, it’s been a desert, a swamp, and a tropical sea, but for the Jurassic Coast (, some things never change. Its geological heritage has long been a draw for fossil hunters and dinosaur buffs, but now — thanks to its new Tourism Pro website — visitors can explore the eons with ease and make the best of their time in England’s only natural World Heritage site.


A 95-mile stretch of land that spans the English counties of Dorset and Devon — from Old Harry Rocks in the east to Exmouth in the west — the Jurassic Coast offers a close-up glimpse of eras long past. With keen eyes and deft hands, visitors can uncover fossils of creatures unique to the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. In fact, this stretch of coast is the only place in the world where rocks from these three distinct geologic eras can be seen together. For those visiting the area, the beaches between Lyme Regis and Charmouth offer good options for first-time fossil hunters. But for those who don’t fancy a dig, the new site offers a fossil finder feature, which lets users scroll through the diverse range of fossils that have been uncovered in the area.


If, however, fossils just aren’t your thing, never fear. With a variety of beaches to explore — from soft sand at Exmouth, intriguing coves at Portland, and an old-fashioned seaside vibe at Swanage — taking in the sights of the Jurassic Coast doesn’t have to be taxing. For something a little more active, a section of the South West Coast Path runs the full length of the Jurassic Coast, making it easy to take in the landscape’s striking rock formations and sea views. In addition to its natural attractions, the Jurassic Coast boasts characterful towns and villages, each of which have their own set of attractions. Given that this area is so geologically rich, it’s hardly surprising that some spots — like Portland and Beer — are inextricably linked with the area’s stone working heritage while others — such as Sidmouth and Abbotsbury — give visitors a greater insight into the area’s wider history.


From fossils and stone to beaches and towns, there’s more than one way to take in the timeless beauty of the Jurassic Coast. With its new site, visitors can explore all the region offers with ease. 

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