Introducing The List - Delivering a Post-COVID Boost to the Events Industry

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Simpleview’s integration with The List is enabling our DMOs in the UK (that use our Events Submission Form) to make a significant contribution to the recovery of the events industry post-COVID by delivering instant access to events data.  

Around 35% of the UK visitor economy is attributed to live events (Eventbrite) and the new integration with The List will provide our DMOs with a more comprehensive set of live events information, helping their businesses to recover from Covid-19 by showcasing more reasons to visit their destinations than ever before.

The List’s unparalleled relationships with event providers, box offices and its 35-year experience of the live events industry, combined with bespoke in-house technology which automatically collects, cleans and packages the data for DMOs and integrates seamlessly with their destination websites is a real game changer for our clients, events organisers and the industry as a whole. 

How does it work?

The List sources, gathers, manages, publishes and distributes information on events in the UK and works in conjunction with the Events Submission form in our DMS. However, rather than submitted events residing in the approval queue, they are re-routed to The List where they are checked, updated and approved where necessary.  They are then added back into the DMS, alongside events in your area from The List’s own database (ensuring duplicates are excluded). Events added to the DMS via The List integration are automatically assigned to your website, freeing up your time to focus on marketing your destination.

Don’t’ just take our word for it… 

Visit Exeter was the first of our destinations to implement The List to help to drive people back into cultural venues and the city centre again.  They managed to boost the number of events on from 50 to over 620.  Claire Toze comments: 

"Working with The List has enabled us to significantly increase the number of events on our website, allowing us to provide a comprehensive selection of what’s on in Exeter. The List have contacted the majority of venues in the city on our behalf, to set up the integration, and it has been great working with them to help the events industry in its post-Covid recovery".

Brendan Miles from The List comments: "Every pandemic in history has been followed by a cultural explosion and there is one coming to the UK. Live event numbers have been rising at record levels and audiences are desperate to return to venues after such a long period of lockdown and isolation. Our unique combination of experience and world-leading technology provides an unrivalled end-to-end events collection and distribution platform, saving time and money for DMO's and their cultural partners. The increased volume of events our partners receive provides more reasons than ever to visit a destination for both locals and tourists alike."

How do you get started?

Our DMOs contract directly with The List and we can then set up the integration with your destination website and the Event Submission form.  All you need to do is confirm which marketing channel and listing levels the events should be assigned to.  We will also need to make some minor styling modifications to your site to meet The List’s brand guidelines (adding logos etc.).

To find out more about how the integration with The List works and how it can simplify and transform the promotion of your events, contact your Account Manager.


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