Visit Lillehammer for Amazing Adventures in the Great Outdoors

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A new website for visitors needing to immerse themselves in the great outdoors following months of lockdown has been unveiled by Simpleview.

The site promotes the destinations of Lillehammer and Gudbrandsdalen in the heart of Norway, with access to some of the country’s most spectacular scenery and the national parks of Rondane and Langsua on the doorstep.  

Back in 1994 the eyes of the world were focused on the little town of Lillehammer during the Winter Olympics and we’re pleased to report that the Olympic spirit hasn’t faded.  The new site features content on some of the activities which are available to visitors, including downhill and crosscountry skiing and bobsleigh, plus information on cycling, hiking, rafting, horseback riding and more in the surrounding countryside.

The project involved a redesign of a site originally developed in 2015 by Simpleview.  The result delivers a more contemporary look and more prominent and intuitive calls to action. The full-width top image gallery provides the destination with an opportunity to showcase its stunning scenery, from high mountains to forest-clad hills and cultural landscapes.    

Small search boxes in a column format have been replaced by a full width horizontal search bar and call to action buttons, in vibrant colours, literally jump out at the visitor to make navigation around the site as intuitive as possible to optimise the research and booking experience.  The design of the site’s product pages has also been improved to conform with the overall slick new look.

Grethe Austgarden at Visit Lillehammer comments: "Our long-term use of the Simpleview DMS means that the team in Oslo has an in-depth knowledge of the region of Lillehammer-Gudbrandsdalen. This has, no doubt, made the process of developing our website so much easier and has ensured that we reach our objective of making the site more actionable, accessible, mobile friendly and with a modern look that scales well on larger displays."


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