Introducing New Improved Special Offers Functionality

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Our DMO clients and visitors to our destination websites will experience a host of benefits following the latest phase of development to our Special Offers functionality.

Clients will find it easier to create, manage and assign Special Offers to products, both within the DMS and Extranet and visitors will be presented with a more intuitive and flexible experience.

Here’s a snapshot of what to expect from our new, improved Special Offers:


  • Special Offer Categories – multiple categories can be assigned to one special offer (in the DMS and Extranet)
  • Advanced Search by Special Offer Categories

  • Help Text has been included on a number of fields to improve the user experience
  • Marketing Channel Warning – a minimum listing level can be assigned to a product in order to participate in a special offer category and a warning message is displayed if the minimum requirement is not met
  • New Date Ranges for Special Offer Categories – validity, publish & active dates
  • Mailing List Filters – contact mailing lists can be created for products with/without special offer categories


  • Multiple images/media files can be displayed for special offers on the product page (previously only one image could be displayed)
  • Sort & refine – sort orders and refine by feature on the special offer category page introduces a more flexible display and filtering for visitors

We are currently in the process of scoping a further phase of development which includes:

  • Special Offer Featured Items – Investigating the option to make Special Offer categories and Product Special Offers available as Featured Item types so that they can be promoted alongside other content without needing to redirect featured item pages
  • Insights Tracking & Reporting – we’re looking at how we can improve the tracking of visitors’ interaction with Special Offers
  • Limiting Access – we are considering the idea of making Special Offers exclusively available to visitors who have signed up 

The first phase of the developments will be released in July, keep an eye out for the July Release Notes to find out more about the changes.


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