New Storyboard Feature Delivers an Immediate Immersive Experience

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Visit Bergen is the first of Simpleview’s destinations to implement our new Storyboard feature, presenting its website visitors with an immediate immersive experience.

We all know ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ but it’s never been more true when it comes to destination websites. It is said that a website has 7-8 seconds to capture the visitors’ attention and the brain processes images faster than text, so 90% of the information transmitted is visual.  

The design of Simpleview’s sites has evolved in recent years and many now feature large, full-width images and videos, aiming to instantly capture the attention and connect with visitors at an emotional level, to inspire them to experience a destination and helping to influence behaviour.

The Storyboard feature takes this a step further by allowing our DMOs to now deliver a combination of images and text to provide a narrative for their story. Visit Bergen currently has two Storyboards live on its site:

•    Bergen Seafood
•    Art in Bergen

Visitors are able to scroll through a visual story, combining the destination’s stunning imagery and key messaging and then access more detail within a traditional text format, with links to similar content and bookable products, all within one seamless flow of relevant information.  

Digital Media Manager at Visit Bergen, Gjertrud Coutinho comments: "When providing our visitors with certain content, we are trying to get them into a certain frame of mind.  With inspirational content, we would like them to really ‘feel’ something and be pulled into the content, rather than just consuming text.  We looked at newspapers and how they are increasingly using full screen images and videos, combined with short text to captivate the reader.  Simpleview’s Storyboard feature does exactly that.  Thinking inspiration first, then facts, then book!"

The Storyboard functionality can be used to feature a combination of images, videos and text, with various options for the display including the ability for images/videos to remain on the screen as visitors scroll to a second message. 

Visit Bergen is currently in the process of implementing the feature on several other key pages such as their Ideas and Inspiration page. 

If you would like to explore how you can boost your ability to connect with your visitors using Storyboard, contact your Account Manager.


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