Visit Harstad Takes its Digital Presence to New Heights with Tourism Pro

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Visitors need look no further than Visit Harstad’s new Tourism Pro site to find everything they need to plan and book an unforgettable arctic adventure.

The spectacular destination of Harstad is located on Norway’s largest island, Hinnoya between the fjords and mountain ranges of Northern Norway.  Visitors can experience the arctic lights of the Midnight Sun (24/7 hours of sunlight) in summertime and the mysterious green and purple lights of the Aurora Borealis (or Northern Lights) in wintertime, so it’s a magical place to visit year-round.

Visit Harstad’s previous Tourism Essentials site was developed in 2017 but the upgrade to Simpleview’s Tourism Pro solution will help to take the destination to the next level. The new site features an abundance of activities and attractions for visitors interested in nature, history, culture and outdoor experiences including hiking, skiing and kayaking, supported by stunning imagery and all the signature features that Tourism Pro delivers.

The flexibility of the solution has allowed Visit Harstad to opt for added extras such as the tabbed map on the homepage, including the best ‘photo spot’ locations and TripAdvisor integration for providers.  The site includes both Norwegian and English language versions and Visit Harstad has also enlisted the support of Simpleview’s SEO team to ensure that it achieves maximum exposure and site traffic continues to grow.

Jan-Erik Kristoffersen of Visit Harstad comments: "We can take our digital presence to new heights with the new Tourism Pro Solution from Simpleview. The general layout of the website has a very clear design, and the improved display of the imagery will be very beneficial for the region of Harstad. The built-in "Featured Items" solution additionally gives us room to portray our activities in the preferred way with high resolution and quick loading time. The upgrades to the user interface in the products will also ensure a better experience with it being optimized for mobile users, and much of the feedback over the years has been incorporated in the Tourism Pro site. We are excited to see the results the Tourism Pro solution, and we are looking forward to a bright future in our cooperation with Simpleview.


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