Through the Looking Glass with the Digital Influence Report

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Managing Director of Simpleview Europe, Richard Veal delivered a fascinating presentation at the TMI Annual convention recently on how we can now help destinations to accurately measure their digital footprint and use the data provided to manage their reputation and engage their stakeholders to assist where necessary.

The concept of destination digitisation has been explored by David Peacock of Simpleview’s Future Tourism Group for a number of years.  The aim of the group is to identify and prioritise tourism industry challenges and opportunities and to work across the industry, with both suppliers and clients, to address those challenges.

Destination Digitisation is based on a number of key principles:

  • The modern destination brand is effectively the sum total of all shared stories and experiences about a given destination across all platforms
  • Stakeholders and visitors alike are the source of the bulk of those stories and touchpoints
  • Strengthening the DMO's digital footprint inevitably strengthens the destination’s digital footprint and drives business.

It replaces the concept of ‘sense of place’ which is formed by the providers in a destination, plus its landscape, people and history, but the difference here is that we are able to generate the hard numbers to provide a real insight into the destination’s footprint.

This footprint is generated by interactions across a whole range of devices and platforms, with all the providers in a destination making a contribution, all outside of the DMO’s control.  For example, each provider may be posting on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and using TripAdvisor. Each provider will probably interact across around 70 datapoints, all of which can now be measured and captured by Simpleview. 

The numbers are then crunched and the resulting Digital Influence Report represents a looking glass for a destination, providing:

  • An overall destination grade based on the category of touchpoint ie. websites and webpages, Google & search, Facebook and Instagram, TripAdvisor, Twitter & YouTube and Online Listings.
  • A category grade for each of the destination’s sectors ie. Accommodation, Food and Drink, Attractions & Retail.
  • A scorecard for each of the providers within the destination, highlighting areas for improvement.

This information can then used by the destination to manage their own reputation but also to address any problem areas with their providers in a workshop (known as Simpleview's Digital Excellence Centre).


Here's some feedback on the Digital Influence Report and the Digital Excellence Centre from the perspective of a DMO and one of their attractions in Ontario, Canada:

Elora Fergus Tourism (DMO) - Dorothy Smith, Manager of Community Development, Festivals, Culture & Tourism, Township of Centre Wellington

"Elora Fergus Tourism was thrilled to be able to offer digital coaching to our tourism stakeholders on Digital Excellence. In a digital world, improving stakeholder engagement through digital excellence was a priority prior to Covid and I am thrilled that we continue to offer this program remotely as it is needed now more than ever. Our operators continue to comment on how valuable this program has been and how the coach was very accommodating to help them achieve their goals."

ONE AXE Pursuits (Ontario) -  Christa Niravong: 

"The Digital Excellence Centre has helped me become more aware of where I need to improve in my digital marketing. Technology has changed so much in twenty years and this program helps operators such as myself, learn the trends and wave of this generation of clients. There is so much to learn with Google, Trip Advisor, Instagram, FaceBook, blogs etc. It may seem overwhelming to do it all yourself but the program really breaks it down into small, manageable segments and helps you reach your goals incrementally so that you can succeed at your own pace."

You can view Richard’s presentation on YouTube (around 7 minutes into the video).  To find out more about Digital Influence Report, contact your Account Manager (existing clients) or new clients can email


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