Case Study: VisitBrighton Achieves 500% Increase in Events Listings with 'The List'

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Earlier this year Simpleview announced its integration with The List, enabling our DMO clients in the UK (those that use the Events Submission Form) to deliver instant access to events data to aid the recovery of the events industry. 

Find out how Simpleview client, VisitBrighton is currently using The List to sell the wide variety of eclectic events hosted in the destination throughout the year.

The Destination

VisitBrighton is the destination management organisation (DMO) for Brighton and it sits within Brighton and Hove City Council. They promote Brighton as a creative city with a blend of modern culture and exotic architecture, sea and countryside, and a distinctive free-spirited atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else.

The destination site, appears on the first page of the search results for all of the main related keywords so it is vital that content remains fresh, up-to-date and relevant to ensure traffic is maximised. 

The site also acts as main call-to-action for all marketing activity including PR, social media and digital campaigns.

Key Objective

To encourage visits throughout the year and to convert day trips into staying breaks. 

The Problem

Live events (music, theatre, festivals, days out) are a huge driver of tourism. In fact, Eventbrite estimates that about 35% of the visitor economy is driven by a live event. However the issues are:

  • the data is difficult to collect manually
  • is messy and has to be collected from a huge range of providers, using entirely different systems, none of which talk to each other.
  • the pandemic and ensuing lockdowns meant unprecedented levels of event cancellations and rescheduling making collection even harder.

This all meant more time was spent by VisitBrighton staff keeping data up to date, further reducing the numbers of live events that could be published on the website.

The Solution

The List collects data from ticketing APIs, direct from box offices and through user generated upload forms. It then uses sophisticated AI and semantic web processes to merge, deduplicate and clean live events data at scale. This process allows it to collect many more events than a destination can manage by itself, saving the DMO time and money in the process.

It is able to automatically publish all its events data on VisitBrighton’s website thanks to a clever integration with the Simpleview DMS (Destination Management System).

The Results

Before the integration with The List went live, VisitBrighton had an average of 275 events listed on the website. This quickly increased to an average of 1,500 events, meaning a fivefold increase over time.

In the first three months of List data being live on the site, page views to the VisitBrighton What’s On landing page increased threefold. The What’s On share of overall page views to the website more than doubled. 

In the clients own words, the benefits are: 

Greater Variety

"Historically we have had to rely on venues telling us what events they have on via online submission or for the team here to upload the events themselves. However the smaller venues do not have the resources to do this consistently or across multiple listings sites. Integrating with The List has enabled us to showcase a wider variety of events including grassroots and fringe venues as well as the larger ones. This not only enriches the content on our site but is also a truer reflection of the diversity of events the city has to offer for visitors and residents."

Greater Distribution of Listings

"Venues work with VisitBrighton as they appreciate our support in helping them reach a wider audience. The fact that this integration means we can amplify their marketing through The List and their distribution partners such as trivago and Reach, particularly after such a difficult period, is a great additional benefit for the venues. It also helps to reinforce the image of the destination as the events capital of the South."


Charlotte Barrow, Senior Marketing Executive at VisitBrighton comments:

"Working with The List has enabled us to increase our event listings by over 500%, something we would never have been able to achieve whilst relying on manual event submissions.  We are delighted that working with The List means we are able to showcase a wider variety of events and venues which reflect the diversity and eccentricity the city is famous for!"

Sarah Harrington, Systems & Implementation Project Manager at Simpleview comments:

"Our integration with The List has been well timed to support our clients through the Covid-19 recovery.  We are delighted to see how the inclusion of quality-checked events sourced by The List has contributed to an increase in visitors to the Visit Brighton website, which will undoubtedly have a direct impact on the visitor economy."

Simpleview has just secured a three year contract to develop a new website for VisitBrighton, a key element of which will be the integration of The List.  

To find out more about The List, how it works and the benefits that it can deliver to your destination, contact your Account Manager.


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