TXGB Ticketing Functionality Now Available for Bookable Experiences

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Simpleview client, Visit County Durham is the first to adopt our new integration with TXGB to facilitate ticketing for its bookable experiences, adding a whole new dimension to their destination marketing. 

Developed in partnership with VisitBritain to unlock the full potential of the UK tourism sector, TXGB (Tourism Exchange Great Britain) is a digital marketplace that connects tourism suppliers to a diverse range of distributors.  TXGB acts as a central exchange for suppliers to manage availability, pricing and bookings, allowing distributors (such as DMOs, OTAs and Tour Operators) to access a huge range of tourism products.

Since our original launch of the TXGB platform back in June, many of Simpleview’s destinations have already implemented TXGB as part of their destination recovery plan but Visit County Durham is the first client to include ticketing functionality.

For bookable attractions and experiences, TXGB can be particularly effective in the current climate, as many have been forced to adapt to the restrictions imposed by Covid-19 by offering pre-bookings and ticketing for the first time in order to manage demand.  For example, a restaurant may decide to start providing Afternoon Tea, so pre-booking would be appropriate in that scenario.  Pre-booking also allows providers to gather visitor data as part of a track and trace process.

Following TXGB integration, Visit Country Durham's bookable attractions on www.thisisdurham.com can now promote ticketing, both on the destination site (see example) and on their social media channels in order to boost sales and improve cash flow (as they get paid directly at point of sale), and reduce costs and admin.  DMOs can deliver smarter marketing campaigns featuring bookable product and the low level of commission charged is redirected back into the destinations’ marketing budgets to regenerate the local economy, creating a virtuous loop.

The great news for Simpleview DMOs is that if they are already benefiting from our Polling engine, they can access the TXGB platform, as the latest release of our DMS includes TXGB integration as an option. All the DMO needs to do is upgrade their website with the functionality to allow their bookable attractions to start reaping the rewards and start selling tickets.

James Berzins, Director of TXGB said, "Enabling DMOs to promote and generate bookings for all types of local businesses is a crucial step forward. Tours, activities and attractions are a hugely important part of the visitor economy and are currently experiencing a digital revolution at the hands of Covid-19. Simpleview, in making it easy for DMOs to add bookability via TXGB, will propel DMOs into new territory, creating value for local businesses and driving sustainable destination marketing."

TXGB ticketing functionality is proving popular, with Cotswolds Tourism Partnership, Destination Bristol and Marketing Cheshire already having implemented the new technology. To find out more about how TXGB can help your destination and its providers during the recovery process, contact your Account Manager.


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