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In many of Simpleview's destinations across the world we're beginning to see signs of recovery and in some cases a rebound as the travel sector starts to welcome back visitors in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.  In a bid to drive this recovery and entice visitors back some of our DMOs have launched marketing campaigns,  predominantly targeted at their local markets initially, which are producing impressive results.  Here’s a few client success stories which may provide some inspiration for your own marketing initiatives. 

Alto Piemonte Turismo - Accommodation Vouchers

A campaign jointly promoted by Piedmont Regional Government in Italy and Simpleview client, Alto Piemonte Turismo has resulted in a huge increase in visitor traffic since its launch in July. 

In the Alpine paradise of Alto Piemonte, Piedmont Regional Government is providing funding to stimulate the tourism economy, with a unique scheme of 'buy one night, get two nights free'. The scheme is part of an all-embracing government plan called “Restart tourism – restart Piedmont”. Under the scheme,  government funding covers the cost of the first night and the hotel offers a night for free.  In this way visitors (both domestic and international) only pay for the nights from the 3rd night onwards with a minimum stay of three nights. The offer can be used more than once on the same trip too, so visitors can stay in two different hotels, pay for 2 nights and get 4 free!  The vouchers will presumably be on sale until the end of December 2020 but can be used until the end of 2021.

Not surprisingly, since the launch of the campaign on its site,, a massive surge in traffic has been achieved, with visitor sessions being up by a massive 8000% for July 2020 vs July 2019. 

Dario Bertoli, Alto Piemonte’s destination manager, and Wilhelm Kuhn, co-chairman of Alto Piemonte Turismo, are very pleased with the Piedmont Voucher Programme. "We see this as a perfect private-public partnership project where Piedmont Government provides funding, tourism businesses contribute with one free night per stay, and where Alto Piemonte Turismo is handling promotion, sales and administration of the vouchers at cost zero for stakeholders and visitors. It is a perfect opportunity to showcase Alto Piemonte as a beautiful and sustainable destination where life can be enjoyed to the full, even in difficult times like these."

More information on the offer and the participating hotels can be found on

VisitLiverpool - Love Your Liverpool

Meanwhile, closer to home, the launch of VisitLiverpool’s ‘Love Your Liverpool’ campaign marks the start of the city’s recovery, sending out the message loud and clear that summer isn’t cancelled, it’s just different.

Based on sentiment research conducted by Marketing Liverpool across a range of demographics within the Liverpool City Region, the campaign aims to generate civic pride, encourage local residents to rediscover their city and support the local economy, with the overriding message that Liverpool is opening safely to instil consumer confidence.

Unfortunately, Liverpool is going to miss out on its international visitors this summer.  Before the pandemic, Liverpool City Region’s visitor economy was worth approx. £5bn, supporting over 50,000 jobs. In Liverpool alone, the tourism sector is worth £3.3bn and supports 38,000 jobs.

Chris Brown, director of Marketing Liverpool, said: "We’re used to running campaigns promoting Liverpool around the world, but now the priority is absolutely on our local audience.  The visitor economy employs a huge number of people in this city, and many of the biggest success stories are local entrepreneurs. However, Coronavirus has dealt a severe blow to businesses across the sector.  With greatly reduced visitors in the next few months, it’s simply crucial that we stick together and support the businesses in the city when they need it most."

The campaign sets out to create a platform for collaboration between the City’s providers and encourage locals to make the most of ‘holidaying at home’.  Independent shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, museums and galleries have all jumped on board to galvanise support and entice locals to explore closer to home. Since the campaign launched a 112% increase in traffic (compared to the same period last year) has been achieved.

Jess Cavandish, Digital Manager at Marketing Liverpool comments: "Throughout the lockdown period, our team has worked hard to adapt our content to continue to engage with audiences across all of VLs platforms. A drop off in website traffic was inevitable, but the 'Love Your Liverpool' campaign, teamed with some SEO work has really helped to kick-start it again. It's all moving in the right direction and we're excited to see the traffic continue to rise."

The campaign is being delivered by Marketing Liverpool on behalf of the Liverpool Visitor Economy Network (LVEN) and Liverpool City Council, with financial support from the European Regional Development Fund.

Tourism Vancouver - #VancouverComeBack

Another Simpleview client, Tourism Vancouver is in the process of reopening to domestic and international tourists, with health and safety taking top priority. To aid these efforts, the team has recently launched the #VancouverComeBack campaign, designed to encourage residents to support the local economy by patronising Vancouver’s restaurants and attractions. 

By tapping into local pride for the destination and the desire to support local businesses, as well as showcasing the great experiences available in Vancouver and providing some discounts and special deals, the DMO aims to maximise the amount of tourism business it can generate.

Darren Johner, Manager of Digital & Social Media at Tourism Vancouver comments: "Every destination is in a unique situation currently, and there’s no playbook on how to handle this sort of crisis. At Tourism Vancouver we are closely watching all sources of data for signals that the public is ready to start traveling again. Like most destinations, we understand that it will be important to focus our attention on domestic travel in the short term, while continuing to keep Vancouver top-of-mind for international travelers once borders reopen and it’s safe to travel again."

Read the Destination Q&A with Darren to find out more about the destination’s campaign objectives and strategy as they move forward with their reopening. 

Contact your Account Manager if you would like to find out more about any of the above or if you think we can help you with any of your own campaign initiatives


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