TXGB Integration Offers a Route to Recovery

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Simpleview’s DMOs are now able to provide even more visible and bookable tourism product online following our integration with TXGB (Tourism Exchange Great Britain). 

Developed in partnership with VisitEngland to unlock the full potential of the UK tourism sector, TXGB is a digital marketplace that connects tourism suppliers to a diverse range of distributors.  TXGB acts as a central exchange for suppliers to manage availability, pricing and bookings, allowing distributors (such as DMOs, OTAs and Tour Operators) to access a huge range of tourism products. 

By becoming a distributor on TXGB and utilising our integration, DMOs will generate more bookings for more types of suppliers in their area, in a way that develops a direct relationship between the customer, the place and local businesses.

Suppliers connected through this channel will be paid directly, at point of sale, improving cash-flow which is crucial to the recovery of local economies right now. In addition, by taking advantage of the technology and automation provided by TXGB, DMOs will be able to operate their channel with lower commission than had become the norm. In the new normal DMOs and suppliers can create a virtuous loop of funding for marketing destinations, while optimising overall commission costs paid. 

Beyond this, working with TXGB will enable DMOs to build their relationship with customers, capturing data that enables them to develop smart, personalised campaigns that increase the customer value from each trip - another critical element to recovery and helping to increase return visits in the longer term.

So how can our DMOs access TXGB and what are the benefits?

Many of Simpleview’s DMOs are already benefiting from our Polling engine, which allows them to retrieve price and availability information from a host of external suppliers such as Freetobook, Expedia, Booking.com etc. and promote it on their visitor sites.  The great news is that the current release of our DMS now includes TXGB as another option, so any DMO which has Simpleview’s Polling engine will automatically get access to TXGB and all the benefits which come with it, ie: 

  • Generate direct bookings for suppliers, that improves cash-flow
  • Optimise sales conversion with our seamless integration
  • Build customer data, to enable smarter marketing
  • Create a low commission channel, that improves profitability for partners
  • Earn commission that can be used to fund your campaigns and support initiatives
  • List bookable product across a wide range of accommodation, attractions, tours and events

Managing Director of Simpleview Europe, Richard Veal comments: "The COVID-19 pandemic has posed an unprecedented challenge to the tourism industry but we believe that DMOs are uniquely positioned to help providers and visitors to navigate a safe course through the recovery.  Simpleview is totally committed to supporting our clients through this process and a low commission booking option like TXGB will be an important tool as we look to re-boot the economy.

James Berzins, Director of TXGB comments "At TXGB we are passionate about driving innovation into the tourism sector. We believe our integration with Simpleview will enable many DMOs to quickly play a leading role in the recovery of their local visitor economy, by creating local booking channels that allow suppliers to diversify their distribution. TXGB allows new and niche distributors, such as DMOs, to charge low commission, ensure suppliers are paid directly and enables all parties to build better data - delivering better outcomes overall. Working with Simpleview in this way has created a streamlined, user-centred solution for DMOs, so they can respond quickly to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic."

If you want to find out more about how you can access TXGB via our Polling Engine, contact your Account Manager.  If you would like to discuss signing up to TXGB as a Distributor, email James on james.berzins@txgb.co.uk


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