There's More to Rjukan than its Giant Sun Mirrors

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A team from Simpleview has just returned from a design workshop at the town of Rjukan in the Telemark region of Norway where they had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture of this fascinating destination as part of a new web development project.

VisitRjukan has opted for a new Tourism Pro site to replace  The visit allowed the Simpleview team to spend a day discussing the site’s design and functionality and how it will fit within the overall marketing strategy for the destination.   

Like many of our destinations, Rjukan has a rich history and heritage and some interesting tales to tell.  The town is shrouded in the shadow of the surrounding mountains for 6 months of the year, so Rjukan’s residents live in permanent shade between October and March.  An attempt to rectify the situation came in the form of Northern Europe’s first cable car, Krossobanen in 1928, allowing the town’s residents to take a ride to the top of the mountain to bask in some precious sunlight during the winter.  

However, that all changed in November 2013 when a project, first discussed a century before, came to fruition. Computer-powered mirrors which follow the path of the sun were installed at the top of the steep mountain wall, flooding the town square with sunlight during the dark winter months.
Simpleview’s new website will feature this and other stories from the town’s past.  Rjukan is also on the UNESCO world heritage list and is known for its part in one of the most dramatic chapters of World War II.  Norway was taken over by Germany in 1940 and was ruled by German Nazis from 1940-1945. They wanted to build a nuclear bomb by using heavy water (a by-product from the artificial fertilizer production in Rjukan). English and Norwegian soldiers prevented this by successfully carrying out several sabotage attacks on the Vemork factory, just outside Rjukan.   

The area’s fantastic outdoor offer for hikers, climbers, skiers, bikers will take centre stage, all brought to life with stunning imagery to entice visitors to explore Rjukan for themselves.

Hege Naess of VisitRjukan comments: "Our new website is going to be a great source of inspiration to boost visits to this amazing destination."

The site is expected to go live before the Summer season.


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