DTTT X. Festival: Reshaping the Visitor Economy - 30 Nov to 04 December 2020

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Simpleview is proud to be partnering up with Digital Tourism Think Tank (DTTT) for their X. Festival Event next month featuring five incredible days of talks, stories, case studies and insights, all with 25% discount applied to the standard price.

X. Festival is a 5-day virtual event dedicated to the travel industry where people can explore different topics and themes that matter.  Every topic is featured in five unique daily tracks, designed to inspire and deliver future-proof solutions for destinations ie.

  • X.Disrupt
  • X.Purpose
  • X.Rebuild
  • X.Engage
  • X.Imagine

On Thursday 3rd December two members of the Simpleview team, Jason Swick, VP of Strategy and Insights and Cara Frank Chief of Staff/VP of Marketing host a session entitled:

To Infinity and Beyond – Adapting Your Marketing Approach for the Road Ahead

Jason and Cara explore how the pandemic has impacted the world of travel and the how traditional approaches may need to be re-evaluated in order to prepare for recovery – and beyond.

On Friday 4th December, David Peacock, Senior Adviser to the Future Tourism Group @ Simpleview will be hosting two roundtable sessions on:

Stewardship as a Driving Force Behind the Brand

A look towards the future for sustainable recovery, what role will stewardship play in brand competitiveness and how can we understand the keys to economic success.

The Future of Tourism Marketing 

This session explores the future of travel marketing and what it means for vendors in the digital brand funnel who are so badly impacted by budget freezes, uncertainty and changing priorities.

Delegates can register to access David’s roundtable sessions and join in the discussion for free at the two links above. To attend the whole event and get access to all the talks and sessions (including Jason and Cara's session) Monday to Friday, DMOs can buy an Industry Pass for €175 (reduced from €220). The pass also allows you to access the programme on-demand and rewatch any sessions that you may have missed for the next 3 months.

For full details on the event, programme and speakers, visit the DTTT website.  We look forward to seeing you there!


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