Case Study: Simpleview Helps Visit Devon to Double Revenue in Two Years

18th January 2020

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By maximising the commercial opportunities offered by Simpleview’s e-tourism solution, Visit Devon has succeeded in both doubling its revenue and boosting its traffic by 50% in just two years…

The Situation

The Visit Devon DMO was re-launched in March 2016 as a Community Interest Company (CIC) run by the tourism industry on behalf of the industry.  As a new CIC, Visit Devon had to ensure it could make ends meet, even though it would not receive any ongoing funding from the local council.

Consequently, Visit Devon needed a solution that enabled it to earn enough income from membership to survive and grow. To achieve this, the new Visit Devon website had to be attractive and desirable for businesses to advertise on, but it also required a platform that made it easy to commercialise – by offering various membership packages, easy data-management and in-depth reporting.

The Solution

Meeting the challenge head on, Visit Devon CIC made two key decisions:

•    Recruited Simpleview as the leading supplier of digital solutions for destinations
•    Engaged a professional dedicated sales team run by Ignyte  

The first decision ensured that Visit Devon had the perfect website solution to maximise commercial opportunities, while the second provided the experience and expertise to best exploit those opportunities.

The new Visit Devon website went live in November 2016 with a range of opportunities including website membership packages, banner advertising, featured positions and gallery images, all underpinned by the Simpleview platform. 

The Results

The move to the Simpleview platform has boosted the website’s performance, with traffic increasing by over 50% from 2017 to 2019, ensuring that Visit Devon members are presented to 100,000s more visitors. 

Furthermore, by working with their Simpleview Account Manager, Visit Devon has been able to maximise the commercial offerings available on the website, as well as gradually introduce new items as upsell opportunities.   

As well as maximising website opportunities, the organisation has also recognised that the only way to gain new business and retain existing business was to offer a good return on investment and a great service.  Consequently, the Ignyte team make a courtesy call every 6 to 8 weeks to all members, to discuss their website performance and how they may grow their figures over the remainder of their membership.  This is only possible with the detailed business statistics available in the Simpleview platform, which offer a full breakdown of the performance of each website record, allowing the team to compare and contrast business performance against competitors.

Consequently, after three years, Visit Devon is now an established DMO that is not just financially sustainable, but also very successful. Revenue has more than doubled, from £104,570 in 2017 to £238,942 in 2019.  As such, Visit Devon has been able to re-invest greater amounts in promotion and marketing, ensuring that Devon retains its position as one of England’s most popular visitor destinations. 

Simon Fishwick from Visit Devon comments:

"Visit Devon Community Interest Company has worked with Simpleview (previously New Mind | tellUs) since the formation of the company in 2016. 

We required a web-based solution which would be attractive to our potential membership, enabling a wide range of commercial options to be available. Revenue generation was key to our decision making process as all income would need to be generated by the company from the outset. 

Working in partnership with Simpleview and the Ignyte sales and marketing team has fulfilled all our requirements. Revenue generation has increased year on year and the website has proven to be popular with our membership as it is constantly evolving as new features are added.

Simpleview and Ignyte have managed to deliver exactly what we, as an organisation, required."


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