New Location Based Search Boosts the In-Destination Experience

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Visitors to Simpleview's destination websites now have access to a range of new location based search features to improve their in-destination experience.

Search by 'My Location'

Visitors now have the option to select 'my location' in the area/location field which allows them to search for products within a specified radius (in miles or kilometres) of their current location.  So, for example, if they're looking for things to do or places to eat close to where they are staying on their mobile or tablet, they now have all the information that they need at their fingertips. 

Also, during the planning stage of their visit, there is an option to search by postcode so they may want to search for places to eat, things to do etc. around the accommodation that they have booked prior to their trip. 

Show My Location on Search Results & Product Page Maps

The visitor's exact location can now be displayed on the website's maps to enable them to pinpoint where they are in relation to a list of products generated by a search.  For example, the visitor may search for restaurants in their destination and view them on a map.  At this point the browser will ask if they wish to share their location with the website.  Once the user agrees, their location is shown on the map allowing them to identify which restaurants are closest.  This keeps the visitor on your destination website and avoids them having to leave the site to go to Google or Apple Maps for 'around me' information.

As well as on the search results, the same functionality is available on product pages.  So if a visitor is looking at an attraction, they can see exactly where it is in relation to their current location.

Note:  Both of the options above require the user to have 'location services' enabled for the website to access their current location.  This will be requested by the browser/device, giving the user the opportunity to accept or decline.

'Open in Maps' Link on Product Page

A new link above the map allows the visitor's to open their default map app/service to easily find directions via public transport, road or on foot.

If you're interested in boosting your visitors' in-destination experience with the addition of this great new functionality, contact your Account Manager.


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