New Contract Win for Lesotho - The Kingdom in the Sky

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Simpleview is growing its portfolio of African destinations with the development of a new destination site for Lesotho as part of a major digital marketing campaign to be delivered in partnership with Acorn Tourism Consulting Limited.

Lesotho is a mountainous, landlocked country which is completely surrounded by South Africa. It was formerly known as Basutoland but was renamed to Lesotho upon independence from the UK in 1966.  Lying at altitudes of over 1300 metres, the area is famous for its beautiful vistas, surging waterfalls, unique flora and fauna, fascinating culture and snow-capped mountains during the winter (offering one of only two places where you can ski in sub-Sahara Africa).  The stunning landscapes lure a range of visitors from mountain bikers, climbers, hikers, skiers and canoeists searching for adrenaline pumping challenges and adventure to tourists with more sedate interests including walking, botany and bird watching. 

The overall aim of the campaign is to provide Lesotho with a significant and powerful presence in the tourism market. Simpleview has been tasked with the development of a tourism website and implementation of a Destination Management System (DMS).  Acorn will undertake a major market research exercise, focusing on the five key international target markets, ie. South Africa, UK, Germany, USA and the Netherlands.  The findings of this research will be presented in a series of robust reports for both the public and private tourism sectors in Lesotho and will inform the digital marketing activities recommended for the domestic and international markets.   Social media marketing and training will also be integral to the success of the campaign.  

The capture of powerful imagery will be a major element, forming the bedrock of the entire campaign but will be particularly evident on the new website and within social media activity. 

The website will be central to the destination’s online marketing strategy, featuring all the tools necessary to enable the marketing team at the Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation (LTDC) to take control and boost the effectiveness of its online strategy.  

Managing Director of Simpleview Europe, Richard Veal comments: "Lesotho is a fascinating destination which has real potential to offer something totally unique. We're privileged to be able to contribute to Lesotho's evolution as it starts to establish a major presence in the tourism market."

Kevin Millington of Acorn comments: "Lesotho is a very special place and an exciting adventure and cultural tourism destination.  However it is not widely known about, even in source markets as close as South Africa. This project will generate much wider awareness and interest in Lesotho, and provide the destination with a website that will be an effective marketing tool for years to come."

The site is expected to go live early next year…


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