New Auto-Translate Feature is a Game Changer for Language Site Development

4th June 2019

Categories: Our News

A new auto-translate feature which will allow our clients to improve the browsing experience for their international visitors and boost exposure to their target markets will be released shortly.

We’ve been extolling the virtues of developing dedicated language sites for our DMOs’ target markets for some time, and we covered the benefits to be gained in our blog last November. However, until now the process has been regarded as a big commitment by some of our clients, in terms of the time and resources required, particularly for the translation of our destinations’ product records.

Google Translate isn’t the best solution.   Our research tells us that it’s not always reliable and is often inaccurate and grammatically incorrect for some languages.  Most of all, it doesn’t deliver the boost in visibility and search engine ranking that a dedicated language site will provide to target your international markets.   

Our new auto-translate feature aims to break down all the barriers that have previously stopped our DMOs from committing to the development of dedicated language sites.  By integrating with Microsoft Translator, a proven, scaleable and customisable solution supporting more than 60 languages, our DMS can now seamlessly auto-translate product page content.     

So in practice, our DMOs would use a human translator for the top level pages of their destination sites, but the auto-translate feature for the more time-consuming product record pages.  Each time a product record is edited, the content is automatically translated into the appropriate language and product records can be translated in bulk.  Importantly, all translated content is indexible so is visible to the search engines.  

The new functionality will be available from the middle of July.  For more information on our new auto-translate functionality, contact your Account Manager.


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