New Travel Planner Website Makes Life Easier for Disabled Travellers

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The new Travel Planner website developed by New Mind | tellUs,, has been launched by Tourism for All, a national charity which is the voice of accessible tourism and travel in the UK.  

This new consumer search and booking website for disabled travellers, their families and friends will bring hundreds of hotels, attractions, activities and restaurants across the UK, as well as special offers and a travel planning service, within easy reach of this rapidly growing market.

The site is powered by the National Tourism Data Warehouse from New Mind | tellUs which is a culmination of data from over 150 destinations, resulting in one of the most powerful, rich and accurate databases available in the UK.   

Travellers with accessibility needs can search for tourism businesses of all types, based on where they want to go, what they want to do, the type of accommodation they want to stay in or the type of restaurant they want to eat in. Search results can be filtered according to the traveller’s individual accessibility needs, based on a set of common accessibility search criteria which has been defined for each category of business.

The website is managed on behalf of Tourism for All by Ignyte, the marketing and account management agency, who will ensure that the accessibility information featured on Tourism for All Travel Planner is accurate, relevant and reliable.

The site takes over from Open Britain, the charity’s previous consumer search website. Although Open Britain was the most comprehensive and popular directory of accessible businesses in the UK (it was visited by over 150,000 individuals each year), it largely relied on businesses to update their own accessibility information, which meant that the content was not always 100% up to date or comprehensive.

Tourism for All Travel Planner will feature the same wide-ranging content as before (the site already features over 300 businesses and that number is growing daily) but with the added advantage that the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the accessibility information will be managed by Ignyte.

Kenny Boyle, Tourism for All’s Chair commented: "We are delighted with our new relationships with New Mind | tellUs and Ignyte and we are sure that, with their expertise and support, Tourism for All Travel Planner will be the new ‘go to’, trusted channel for disabled travellers, and their families and friends, to find great holidays and breaks throughout the UK."


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