Simpleview's SEO Testimonials Speak for Themselves...

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As Google continues to disrupt the tourism market, we’re pleased to report that our SEO clients’ sites have not only weathered the storm but continue to achieve great results in terms of rankings, traffic and general growth.

It’s been just over a year since we featured a news item on the success of our SEO services (with some great client testimonials) following a series of platform updates.  Since then, Simpleview’s SEO packages have continued to evolve to better suit the needs of our DMOs.  

This year our new Content Advisor Package was introduced to cater to those DMOs who may have limited resources in terms of time and staffing. This optional extra is designed for those clients who are already using our standard SEO maintenance services, allowing them to receive recommendations for their sites, plus get access to an experienced digital marketing professional for assistance on any ongoing projects.  This has now become one of our most popular packages since its launch.

Those DMOs who find themselves struggling against Google owned snippets (featured items found at the top of the search engine results pages) for the four key tourism target areas (Accommodation, What's On, Food and Drink and Things to Do) should consider one of Simpleview’s SEO services to help them to achieve their goals. 

Here’s what some of our clients have to say…

Visit Devon - Tina Veater

"Andrew has been a great help in enabling our partners to maximise on traffic from the platform. He has great ideas on new content pages to include and is always on top of maintenance and support to ensure that the website is working and performing. 

Andrew is able to provide us with key word suggestions and look at competitive market analysis which means that we can then work to a strategy on content creation and new opportunities.  During our monthly calls Andrew is easy to approach and is able to explain the technical detail in terms that we all understand.  I would highly recommend the SEO service from Simpleview."

Visit Bristol - Laura Valentine

"Andrew has been great in helping us to achieve and exceed our SEO and organic ranking goals and has been extremely helpful every step of the way. The monthly report and all the information and advice which Andrew provides is thorough, fast and easy to understand.

Andrew talks you through everything from easy wins, actionable tasks and potential bigger improvements and nothing is too much trouble. We look forward to continuing our relationship and seeing even more improvements to our rankings and site traffic."

Visit Wiltshire - Helen Dalton

"We find Simpleview’s SEO support an extremely useful resource. SEO can be a minefield - particularly as it is constantly changing and evolving - but the expert technical insights we receive from the team at Simpleview help us to keep ahead of the trends. 

Their monthly SEO reports allow us to feel confident in the performance of our websites, as well as providing practical and actionable advice that we can follow to improve our SEO performance. Having worked closely with Simpleview on our SEO practice throughout 2019, our websites are receiving 15% more organic search traffic year-on-year."

Visit Cheshire - Phillippa Meachin 

"Our websites have always performed well but with the launch of our new site in February 2018, we wanted to ensure that the traffic was actually growing and we were getting the best out of our site. We signed up to Simpleview's SEO audit and reporting programme and received our first audit report in September which Andrew talked me through in detail. The report has really helped us to create our content strategy for the year and create new pages that have already started to receive great results.

For example, our bonfire/fireworks page received over 20,000 views. Since signing up, our site has seen a monster September with over 100,000 sessions, a 75% increase on 2017.  In fact on the whole the site seems to have had a 20% increase in traffic since we signed up. 

Working with Andrew has been great!  He is very knowledgeable and approachable and happy to answer even the dumbest questions. He is really helping us to improve our site and make sure it is performing to the best of its ability, ranking highly in Google and growing in visits. We're looking forward to our next report so that we can continue to grow the site and work with Simpleview further."

Go New Forest – Anthony Climpson

With global influences exerting ever greater disruption of destination search, an efficient and effective search engine optimisation programme is a critical component of every destination’s online strategy. We all need the best possible SEO support we can get, which is why we’ve been very pleased with the brilliant service delivered by Andrew at Simpleview.  

After a complete re-build of our website in 2017, Andrew and his team not only delivered significant improvements to our key search positions across all content, he has also helped us consolidate those gains whilst also combating the constant attacks on those search terms to allow us to maintain top organic positions ever since.

Marketing Manchester  - Stuart Aiken

"The program of SEO work carried out for us by Andrew at Simpleview has continued to pay dividends through higher rankings and increased reach. The monthly reports and calls, combined with competitor analysis reports have allowed us to both optimise and create new content that has pushed us to the top of search results for competitive keywords. The technical work to optimise the site has also worked well, with our product pages appearing higher than ever."

Simpleview’s track record of year on year growth for our SEO clients speaks for itself. Our honed knowledge of, and experience in the sector makes us far more effective than SEO agencies with no specialised tourism experience and expertise. Our inherent knowledge of the platform means we can act more swiftly, plan more holistically and improve more effectively. 

For more information on our SEO services, contact your Account Manager.


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