Case Study: Visit Dorset Boosts Visitor Interaction with MailMinder

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Simpleview's MailMinder email marketing solution has not only transformed the way that long-term client, Visit Dorset, communicates with its visitor database but also delivers more opportunities for local businesses to boost their exposure...

The Situation

As with most DMOs, the team at Visit Dorset has a remit to send regular newsletters to its visitor database featuring updates on the latest events, offers and experiences from their destination.

However, the previous email solution was proving problematic. Ongoing synching issues with visitor signups combined with the need to build a new mailing list and email for each campaign was proving inefficient, time consuming, not to mention a strain on resources.  The Visit Dorset team aimed to send a campaign once a month but with endless mailing list and synching issues they usually managed to send one every 6 to 8 weeks.

The Solution

In May 2018, Visit Dorset decided to switch to Simpleview's dedicated email marketing solution, MailMinder.  As the solution is fully integrated within Simpleview's DMS (Destination Management System), it is unique in that it pulls together the DMO website, product database and CRM into one seamless solution, offering extensive email marketing capability. 

The Results

Since the switch to MailMinder, Visit Dorset has found that the MailMinder solution has proven much easier to use than the previous software.  The team has commented that it now takes just 5 minutes to create and send an email newsletter, whereas previously it would have taken them a whole afternoon! 

Consequently, Visit Dorset has been able to exploit its visitor database to a much greater extent.  Previously the team was struggling to send even one email a month, but now they are able to communicate with the visitor database more frequently with one-off promotions or campaigns.

This greater interaction with visitors improves the DMO/visitor relationship.  Visitors receive greater value from their subscription to Visit Dorset, and in return Visit Dorset have a more engaged audience.

As such, following the initial drop in subscribers as a result of GDPR, Visit Dorset’s mailing list includes just over 25,000 subscribers and is still rising. In addition, the unsubscribe rate has also dropped from 0.87% to 0.52%.

Furthermore, the new solution has financial benefits. Not only is the software cheaper than the previous solution, but also the increased number of emails allows Visit Dorset to sell more opportunities to businesses who wish to advertise. 

James Maidment from Visit Dorset comments:

"We’ve been using MailMinder for just over a year and the platform is a marked improvement on our previous system. The drag and drop function makes compiling emails so much easier, allowing you to create different templates and providing great versatility."


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