Destination Sites Outranking TripAdvisor Following Platform Updates

3rd September 2018

Categories: Our News

The recent platform updates performed by New Mind | tellUs over the last six months are reaping benefits for many of our DMO clients, bringing significant traffic gains and helping them to overtake TripAdvisor in the search engine rankings.

So what have the platform updates involved?  Due to the sheer size of database driven sites, the high turnover of products and seasonal content, the multiple ways that customers can search, filter and categorise pages, the indexes in the search engines can become large and sometimes cluttered. As a result, ranking power can flow into pages of the websites which are necessary in terms of user experience and usability, but not as necessary in terms of SEO. By improving the structure of our platform we have reduced the size of our websites in terms of crawl-able pages, optimising the crawl budget and concentrating the ranking power of the site on the key pages.  This has resulted in the faster indexing of pages and ultimately better search engine rankings for our destinations, with many seeing increases of 20-40% plus. The combination of this and great weather has resulted in some of our summer holiday and beach destinations' traffic even doubling.

And it gets better.  Multiple sites have also overtaken TripAdvisor for the 'Things to Do' key phrase, the majority of which are benefiting from a combination of our platform updates and our recently launched flexible SEO packages (plus some great work from our clients' own in-house marketing teams of course).  As you will be aware, TripAdvisor and have traditionally dominated the 'Things to Do' and 'Hotel' related key phrases but New Mind | tellUs is making great strides to combat this for the Activities and Accommodation markets. Many DMOs are now experiencing ranking improvements in these areas.  

The team at New Mind | tellUs has just completed a six month program of SEO updates and is in the process of launching a new six month program with the aim of further increasing the ranking power of our destination sites. 

To find out more about our platform updates or to enquire about our range of SEO packages, contact your Account Manager.


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