Post-GDPR Cookie Management Made Easy

12th July 2018

Categories: Our News

A new partnership between New Mind | tellUs and the Council Advertising Network (CAN) means that we can now implement a low cost, time saving Cookie Preference Tool on your destination sites to ensure compliance with the GDPR cookie rules. 

As most of you will be aware, a cookie is a text file generated by your destination website and stored on the visitor's web browser so that your website can remember information or record the visitor's browsing activity.  This aids the pre-filling of forms and allows ads to be served up which match the visitor's interests.

Following the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), all websites are now required to provide clear information on what cookies are in use and how they are used, as well as allowing the visitor a means of managing these cookies.  This is no mean feat as many of our DMO's cookies will be from 3rd parties such as Facebook, Google, Twitter etc.

This is where the new Cookie Preference Tool comes in, allowing you to seamlessly manage your cookies without having to constantly update your site to meet the new legal requirements. Once the tool has been implemented on a destination site, visitors can:

  • view your cookie consent policy
  • view your privacy policy
  • accept cookies
  • view the Options (visitors are directed to a page where they can learn more about their rights, request the erasure of their data or review the cookies and tracking technology on the site)

The Cookie Preference Tool can perform a full scan of the cookies being used too so that  visitors can control the collection and use of their web data.

Third party cookies, including Facebook, Twitter and Google, plus cookies which serve up relevant advertising can easily be managed.  Any new cookies which are added to the site will automatically be shown when a visitor views the Options.

For a relatively low cost and very little effort you can ensure that you maintain compliance with GDPR cookie rules without having to constantly update your site.  DMOs which have implemented VAN advertising can have the cost of the Cookie Preference Tool deducted from their ad revenue at the end of the year so there's nothing to pay up front.

So how do you go about implementing the tool?  There is very little for you to do.  All we need is:

You can see the new Cookie Preference Tool in action on  To find out more about pricing and implementation, contact your Account Manager.


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