Our Three Flexible SEO Packages Prove a Hit with Clients

1st May 2018

Categories: Our News

The approach to search engine optimisation has changed significantly over recent years as Google has continued to evolve its search engine to keep up with advances in technology. Where once it was enough to simply have a good website to rank well and achieve good visibility on search engine results pages, it is now essential to also have equally good SEO support.

The good news is that our SEO services have evolved in line with the developments in the search industry. New Mind | tellUs has recently introduced a suite of three flexible SEO packages, designed to meet the individual needs, resources and budgets of our DMOs. Available options start from a three-month boost, to longer term strategies for on-going SEO support.

We're only just entering the second quarter since the launch of the new packages but we've already experienced a 25% growth in our SEO customer base, with the most recent recruits including Manchester, Leicester, Windsor and Nottinghamshire.

Here's a quick summary of our three SEO packages to help you to decide which may be relevant to you:

SEO Health Check

Not all of our clients have the time or resources to log into Google Analytics and pour over the technical reports that are presented.  Our SEO Health Check is designed to deliver the information that you need, presented in a convenient and easy to digest format. 

At the start of every month you will receive a succinct report by email which shows you, at a glance, everything that you need to know about how your site is performing against a set of Key Performance Indicators.  The report is accompanied by an expert narrative from one of our SEO consultants, providing further explanations and recommended actions for improvement where necessary.

SEO Maintenance

Not all of our DMOs have the capability or resources in-house to rectify any issues highlighted in the SEO Health Check.  Our SEO Maintenance Package has been designed to fill that gap and address all of the technical issues identified, at an affordable fixed monthly cost. 

This will ensure the continual integrity of your website with regard to search engine crawlers and minimise the risk of rank penalties being applied to your site, leaving you free to focus on your core skills (including the production of great content to attract visitors to your destination of course).

SEO Growth

The most comprehensive of our three packages, our SEO Growth package involves working with our DMOs on an on-going basis to identify areas for improvement, take the action required to address any issues and measure the results.

Our definition of growth is based on a combination of improved keyword rankings and increases in organic traffic.  Competitors may occupy the top positions, either because their sites have been in existence for a long time or they have achieved the highest level of relevancy and greatest quality, quantity and depth of unique content, compared to other sites competing for the main traffic driving keywords.  See last month's blog for more info..

Our Growth Package is designed to close the gaps between you and the competition through innovative content creation and site-wide optimisation.   Working with you we will develop a three-month content cycle that broadly aligns with the seasons to allow for changes in search terms from season to season, helping you to create engaging content that can be optimised and indexed in advance for when these new search terms kick in.

We use a suite of industry-leading SEO tools to help us carry out this work efficiently and to the depth required – not only to gain but also to maintain your results in the longer term.

For a summary of what's included in each package, plus some more in-depth information on each option,  visit our Search Engine Marketing page. If you would like to discuss any of the packages in more detail, talk to your Account Manager or give us a call on (0)330 440 1825.


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