Fjord Norway Site Encourages Visitors to 'Go Viking'

5th November 2018

Categories: Our News

Fjord Norway's new Go Viking site aims to entice visitors to this amazing destination during autumn, winter and early spring in order to experience a new dimension. 

Fjord Norway has developed the 'Go Viking in the fjords' concept to inspire travellers to visit the Fjord Norway region between October and April and the tourism industry will be spreading the word throughout the Fjord Norway region during that period. 

For Fjord Norway, the Go Viking concept is not intended to be a historic journey back in time or a story about the way things used to be.  It's a story about what visitors can experience today, in the Viking spirit.  The site sets out to tell an authentic story about the destination's Viking roots and about life in the Fjords - in the modern age, with modern experiences and about the people in the fjords that visitors can meet today. 

The site's messaging conveys the concept that a trip to Fjord Norway between the months of October and April delivers a different experience, more raw and pure to bring the visitor closer to what people associate with Fjord Norway and its people.  By using stunning imagery and videos, clever language and some great content, the aim is to fully immerse the visitor in the Viking way.

The site encourages visitors to eat like a Viking by sampling traditional dishes with an international twist.  A survival guide provides advice on how to dress like a Viking by coming prepared to experience the sudden changes in weather conditions that Norway is renowned for. Visitors are inspired to attack the cities too by sampling the culture of Bergen and great local produce in the food capital of Norway, Stavanger.  

The falling temperatures of Autumn present new opportunities for visitors to Fjord Norway in the form of stunning winter-clad panoramic views, ski trips in beautiful scenery and art and cultural experiences.  The Fjord Norway team has been busy compiling a whole range of activities and tours to allow visitors to get the most out of their trip. 


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