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Last month we reported on the success of the platform updates which we have been busy implementing during the last six months and their impact on our clients' site traffic and rankings.  

Some of our clients have experienced traffic increases of 20-40% (and more in some cases), with many sites overtaking TripAdvisor in the search engine rankings.  Our summer holiday and beach destinations have performed particularly well, some doubling their traffic over the Summer months, helped by some great weather of course.

Here's what our clients have to say:

"Since our complete rebuild nearly 12 months ago, New Mind’s SEO reporting and development support has provided us with some massive wins.  We’ve toppled TripAdvisor for major key search terms and grown user reach by around 20% per month year on year. We’ve always punched a bit above our weight but lately we’ve been really flying, I couldn’t rate the service more highly."

Anthony Climpson OBE – Go New Forest

"The SEO service provided by Andrew at New Mind | tellUs gave me insight on changes I could apply to my website that would greatly improve the SEO of my products and content. With a structured report that was easy to understand, I had a better overview than before and felt I had more control of the website as a whole."

Frans van Dinther – Visit Harstad

"Although we are still in the first few months of our SEO service, we are already starting to see the results of our efforts. Each month we get a helpful report along with advice on which product pages to target to see improvements in rankings, and ideas on content that will drive traffic to the site. Andrew is always helpful and talks through each action, explaining the impact it will have on the website. This has really helped the team to understand more about SEO and apply these skills to all new content we add to the website."

Sarinda Bains – Visit Leicester

"The SEO services provided by New Mind have had a really positive affect on the reach and traffic generated by our destination sites. The monthly report gives a detailed assessment of site performance with actionable tasks and the technical improvements to the site have helped significantly boost our organic traffic."

Stuart Aiken, Visit Manchester

"We are very happy with the level of SEO service we received from Andrew over the period of 6 months after going through the transition from our old website into the brand new Visit Nottinghamshire website.
Regular phone calls really helped us go through the transition period and understand the changes that our team needed to focus on to achieve better ranking in Google search results. Andrew was always there to assist with any query we had and supported our marketing team to build a strong base of backlinks and keywords.
We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend New Mind’s SEO services to any website owner. You will not only get a helping hand but also learn a lot in the process."

Kinga Kapias - Visit Nottingham

To find out more about the platform updates or to enquire about our flexible range of SEO packages, contact your Account Manager.


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