Find Out How Your Provider Pages Rank in Google

6th September 2017

Categories: Our News

We all know that providers can get obsessed with where they appear on their local Visit website, especially in relation to their competitor businesses. Do they appear first in the search results or in a highlights carousel?

However, one thing that is often over-looked is how well the product detail pages for each member business rank in Google, especially when combined with the destination name e.g. Bretton Cottage Peak District.

More often than not, the provider page on a well-optimised DMO website ranks in the top 3 natural search positions, along with the provider’s own website and their page on TripAdvisor.

In recent years, some DMOs have started quoting this ranking as one of the member benefits of being featured on their local Visit website and with good reason. What more cost effective way is there of achieving a no.1 slot on the biggest website in the world? If you tried to get the same result with PPC advertising, the effect would barely last a month for the same spend. Interestingly, buying ad space on does not get the same result.

The only problem with the above ‘Good News’ story is that it takes a lot of admin time to find out where each of your members rank, especially if there are hundreds of them. Also, you need to run the search in an incognito browser (a privacy feature available in some browsers) so as not to skew the results with your local preferences.

Well help is finally at hand. As part of the New Mind | tellUs SEO service, we are now able to run an automated scan for all your members to determine the ranking of their product pages in Google and produce a handy report that you could give out at your next AGM. Imagine the impact of informing them that 70% of the member's pages on the DMO website ranked 1,2 or 3 in Google's natural search listings.

Additionally, once the report has been run, we can then give you advice about how to improve any pages that aren’t ranking highly so that they can become a stat to shout about in the near future.

If you are interested in adding this report to your armoury for recruiting and maintaining members, contact your Account Manager.


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