New Mind | tellUs Launches New Email Marketing Solution

28th July 2017

Categories: Our News

New Mind | tellUs is close to launching a new email marketing solution which aims to close the loop between marketing activity and visitor interactions, by allowing our customers to exploit the wealth of visitor data which is stored within our DMS (Destination Management System).

The solution has been developed in response to the growing requirement for personalisation and the use of big data to deliver tailored content based on the specific interests of visitors. Personalisation of emails increases engagement, reduces bounce rates and improves the relationship between destinations and their visitors.  Visitors expect emails to be informative and engaging but above all, relevant.  Our clients already have access to a wealth of visitor data but until now they've not been able to fully exploit it for targeted email marketing campaigns.

Our DMS currently includes a Visitor CRM module that captures basic information such as visitor interests, bookings, brochure requests, questionnaires and conversations. The solution allows mailing lists to be created based on all of this criteria and then exported ready for mailing using the client’s chosen e-newsletter or campaign management solution, such as Communicator and Mailchimp.

Whilst this solution offers a flexible approach in terms of mailing options, it does raise issues with synchronising data between systems, meaning track ability is more difficult to achieve.

Our newly developed email marketing solution will address this and many other issues, offering direct integration with our DMS, and therefore allowing DMOs to gain a better insight into visitors during their interactions with both the mailings themselves and the destination website.  Using the wealth of data collected during the visitor journey, our destinations will be able to fine-tune their email marketing and offer increased personalisation.

The mailing solution offers a drag-and-drop interface, allowing users to build their own mailing templates within the solution. These templates can be directly populated with tourism product information fed directly from the DMS. So, adding an upcoming events listing or a range of accommodation providers for instance will be easily configurable in the newsletter builder and no longer a manual process.

As well as providing the basic statistics, such as successful delivery, opens etc, the system will be capable of tracking web interactions that result from the mailing, allowing fine detail to be recorded against the individual user. This data will include:

  • pages viewed
  • links clicked
  • products added to itineraries
  • products listed in searches
  • products viewed – including web links clicked, media views, availability views and map views
  • providers emailed
  • bookings made

All of this information will be stored against the consumer record within the Visitor CRM module, meaning that more detailed analysis of the information or more targeted and personalised mailshots can take place. Mailing list creation will be more dynamic, based on more detailed criteria gleaned from past user interactions.

Plus, the new system will allow mailings to be scheduled, meaning the time and date for the mailshot can be set in advance, rather than having to be manually initiated, and all of this new functionality will also be made available for trade mailings to provider businesses within the Business CRM module of the DMS.

The first phase rollout of the new solution is set to occur over the next few months. For further details contact your Account Manager, call +44 (0)330 440 1825 in the UK or for Scandinavian clients call our Oslo office on +47 23 03 97 70.


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