One Definitive Resource for Events Information in Norway Coming Soon...

7th June 2017

Categories: Our News

New Mind | tellUs will shortly be launching a new development, initially for the Norwegian market, which will enable municipalities (or councils) to provide one definitive source of information for all the cultural events and activities in their region.

Currently, multiple sources of information often exist for many communities, with the destination company, municipality and local newspapers all promoting their own individual events resources. The DMO and municipality may have totally different objectives and target markets when it comes to the promotion of events.  For the DMO, the primary target will be the visitor, whereas the municipality will want to position itself as an attractive place to live by demonstrating a wide range of events and activities (including smaller events like local bingo nights for senior citizens or film screenings at a local cinema).

In response to this requirement, New Mind | tellUs has developed a calendar which combines all of the events information stored in a variety of places, ie. a destination's DMS (Destination Management System), Extranet (for providers within a destination) or via integration with various ticketing systems , eg. TicketMaster and DX (e-ticket) into one definitive resource.

The benefits of the new calendar are two-fold:

  • For those organisations which promote events, the new calendar eliminates the duplication of information which often occurs and increases efficiency by reducing the number of systems involved and automating the publishing of information eg. by pulling in events data from the DMS.
  • Visitors and locals (including 'second home tourists', a huge target market in Norway) get access to one complete list of everything that is happening in the municipality.

Municipalities are able to brand their calendars with their own individual logos and colour schemes and of course, as with all of our latest sites, the calendar designs will be responsive to cater for browsing on mobile devices.  As well as showing events, the calendar also includes a module which allows users to list organised activities in the municipality such as 'senior activities' or 'children's football coaching' and link to external sites such as local cinemas.

Initially, only a Norwegian language version will be available but there is potential to extend it to offer multiple languages.

Any clients in Norway who are interested in implementing the new events calendar should contact our Oslo office on


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