Universal DMS Platform Achieved Following Scandinavian Rollout

17th March 2017

Categories: DMS Homepage News

The team at New Mind | tellUs is pleased to announce that the rollout of our new Destination Management System will be successfully completed in Scandinavia this month, delivering on our promise to present a more powerful,  functionally enhanced system to all of our clients,  combining the best of our e-tourism solutions.

One of the main objectives for the New Mind | tellUs merger in 2014 was to migrate all of our clients onto the same platform, providing us with the economies of scale to ultimately deliver better systems.  The rollout of the latest version of our solution, DMS 3.4, to our UK and Spanish customer base was completed late last year and we are delighted to say that the Scandinavian rollout is now imminent.

We appreciate that it's taken us a while to get to this point but the scale of the task and complexity of the migration process shouldn't be underestimated.  The Scandinavian market had been using the Destinator Product Management System from TellUs for over 10 years so our first task was to initiate a gap analysis, comparing the features of Destinator with the DMS from New Mind.  The exercise identified that a major development project would be required before we could launch a new fully functional DMS to the Scandinavian market.

At the start of the development process we knew that the transition of the Scandinavian client base to a completely new DMS would not be a trivial task.  Not only was the migration of data from Destinator to the new database structure a major undertaking but the fact that many of the Scandinavian clients were running websites delivered by 3rd party web agencies added a further layer of complexity, as they would need to be fully operational throughout the conversion process.

Training has proved to be a key element in the success of the Scandinavian rollout. Since the new DMS is practically a new system for our Scandinavian clients, an extensive training programme needed to be conducted by our Account Managers throughout Scandinavia.

Now three years after the merger and a couple of weeks away from the last client migration, it's a good time to take stock and reflect on the success of the project.  Our Scandinavian customers now have access to a wealth of new features which were not previously available in Destinator, all free of charge!  Our customers in the UK have also benefited from the integration of some of Destinator's most popular features and all of our clients have access to a new improved user interface which is proving to be a hit so far.

We are pleased to report that the new DMS has received an extremely positive reception,  in the UK, Spain and Scandinavia.  We would like to finish by thanking all of our clients for their patience and valuable input throughout the rollout and we look forward to continuing to evolve the solution in partnership with our clients in the future...


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