Get Ready to be Bitten by the Polar Bug! Check out Visit Svalbard's New Site

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The team at New Mind | tellUs is feeling proud following the launch of an exciting new destination site, for the High Arctic of Svalbard.

Located at 78 degrees North, Svalbard is a year-round haven for nature-based experiences, offering an unrivalled landscape in an Arctic climate, dominated by tundra, bare mountains, glaciers, extreme light variations and exciting animal life.

A clean, crisp design sets out to convey the stark beauty of this Arctic wonderland, complemented by stunning, high quality imagery utilised throughout the site with dramatic effect, particularly on the homepage.

The visitor is presented with four travel concepts, ie. Polar City Break, Classic Nature Adventures, Be Like the Locals and Epic Expeditions, enabling the perfect Svalbard experience to be discovered, according to individual preferences, from easier, more sedate activities to hardcore adventure.

Additional inspiration on the homepage is offered in the form of tips from locals, including the local dogs in Longyearbyen who have had a chance to express their feelings on life in Svalbard.

Svalbard has more polar bears than people, with a population of around 3000 living in the Svalbard archipelago, so the 'King of the Arctic' deserves its own dedicated section, with tips to avoid confrontations as well as a host of other essential information.

Extensive use of the Featured Items functionality has provided Visit Svalbard with an effective (and flexible) launchpad to boost awareness of a whole range of the key activities in the area. The brand new Activity Planner functionality allows the visitor to search and filter activities by season, difficulty, category and duration in an intuitive manner. The new joint booking widget facilitates seamless access to two different booking systems for activities and accommodation in Svalbard.

The Visit Svalbard team has worked hard on content to position the site an an extensive information resource, from the 'Did you know?' feature on the homepage to a comprehensive Visitor Information section with everything from how to dress to sustainability in Svalbard.

Susanna Margula, Web Coordinator at Visit Svalbard comments: "We're proud to present Svalbard and Longyearbyen's brand new destination website, wrapped in a fashionable and modern look!  The site is the result of our strategic work over a long period of time and forms an important part of our development strategy 'Destination Svalbard Towards 2025'.
Developed for a range of different platforms ie. pc, phone and tablet, we aim to inspire and generate curiosity around Svalbard and Longyearbyen. Our High Arctic destination is unique, authentic and different and our new website reflects this."


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