New Site Positions Isle of Man as a Year-Round Destination

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New Mind | tellUs has delivered a stunning new site for the Isle of Man this week, positioning the Island as a year-round destination and enabling the economic and social benefits from tourism and the visitor economy to be fully utilised.

The brief from Isle of Man Tourism stated that the Island's distinctive offering should be showcased within a platform that delivered an exceptional user experience in order to motivate return visits and attract new visitors to the destination.

The design, imagery and content for sets out to reflect the beauty and character of the island as well as its rich heritage and culture. There's no shortage of content on inspiration for things to do whatever the visitors' interest. The fact that 40% of the land on the Isle of Man is unpopulated means that lovers of the outdoors have plenty of opportunities to explore and enjoy a wide range of activities.

The Suggested Itineraries functionality has been used to maximum effect allowing recommendations to be combined by theme eg. romance, outdoors and length of stay.  Again this provides the Isle of Man's businesses with additional exposure whilst delivering fuel for the search engines.

The new blog has an abundance of rich, dynamic content, all helping to boost SEO and give visitors a reason to return to the site.  A blog post from Ben Fogle is featured and further celebrity posts will be added in the near future.  The blog also promotes individual businesses providing additional exposure in a more informal and subtle style.

The website has been developed with the Isle of Man's tourism businesses in mind resulting in increased exposure and improved engagement with the industry.  Businesses can now include their own special offers, social media feeds, videos and large high quality images.  Additional resources are also available for people looking to start, grow and develop their tourism business on the Isle of Man.

Angela Byrne, Head of Tourism comments: "The creation of a new tourism website is a key objective in our tourism strategy. The new site now offers improved functionality for users including itinerary building, mobile responsiveness and a login area for visitors. This will give visitors an enriched and dynamic experience when planning their trip to the Isle of Man."


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