The Visit Ad Network is On Its Way

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Visit Ad Network

Did you know that the destination websites on the Tourism Media portfolio attract nearly 100 million user sessions a year?  That is comparable to a national newspaper website or an Online Travel Agency. Collectively, DMOs are a big publishing channel and we think it is time that this was recognised and the commercial opportunity properly taken.

That’s where the Visit Ad Network comes in, a joint venture between New Mind | tellUs and CAN Digital Solutions. For the first time, big brands will be able to advertise directly through the network of official destination websites of the UK and Scandinavia and specifically make it part of their marketing mix. Not only is the volume there but so is the accountability. These are high quality, mobile responsive websites with huge amounts of original, media rich content that people devote serious time and attention to in planning their holidays.

We also know a lot about who these people are and what buying phase of the customer journey they are in – all gold standards as far as advertisers are concerned.

2015 was a big year for digital advertsing as it eclipsed television and print combined for the first time. 2016 is another highly significant milestone as digital advertising spend this year will be worth more than all other forms of advertising put together. Not bad for a medium that is less than 15 years old

It is early days for the Visit Ad Network, and we are still 2 months away from the official launch, but we already have over 40 destination websites signed up and generating significant revenues, with more coming on board every week.

So, how is this different to Google Ad Sense? Google is just one source of programmatic advertising. The Visit Ad Network is a Supply Side Platform, optimising the yield for publishers and their websites by taking bids from multiple Ad Exchanges.

Not only do we maximise the CPM achieved but we also carefully manage the quality of advertisers to make sure that they are not competitive to the destination brand or its members and are appropriate and relevant to the visitor.

Next month we will look in more detail at the fascinating world of digital advertising and demystify some of the rapidly emerging terminology and acronyms that abound such as DSPs, SPSs, Private Market Places, Premium Campaigns and Native Content.

Until then, talk to your Account Manager about how you can sign up to the fastest growing Ad Network in Europe.


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