A Fitting New Look for Spectacular Nordfjord

4th October 2016

Categories: Our News

A new site for Norway's spectacular Nordfjord region has been delivered by New Mind | tellUs this month.

The site, www.Nordfjord.no positions the region as a year-round destination offering great adventures in unique surroundings.  Nordfjord (Northern Fjord) is one of the most famous fjords on the west coast of Norway and boasts the country's sixth longest fjord which is 106 km long and 565m deep at the mouth as well as Europe's largest glacier, Jostedalsbreen and Europe's deepest lake, Hornindalsvatnet.  Visitors may even get a glimpse of Horny the sea serpent which is said to lurk in the deep water. Visitors from all over the world also flock to see the famous Briksdal Glacier.  Located between roaring waterfalls and high peaks in the Jostedalsbreen National Park, the glacier plunges 1200 metres down into the stunning Briksdalen Valley.

Details on walking, hiking, cycling, watersports and summer skiing are on offer to lovers of the outdoors.  Alternatively visitors wanting to enjoy the views at a more leisurely pace can find information on Nordfjord's most scenic roads and complement their adventure by touring its small towns and sampling some of the famous local cuisine. 

The site also highlights Nordfjord's rich cultural heritage, with its long tradition of folk music, arts and crafts in addition to several cultural events and festivals taking place throughout the year. Visitors can find out more about popular attraction, Selje Monastery, built by Benedictine monks during the 12th century, and learn about St. Sunniva, the guardian saint of Western Norway.

Striking, expansive imagery has been used to dramatic effect throughout, reflecting the breath-taking beauty of the destination. Social media has been exploited to the full with TripAdvisor ratings available at product detail. 

Ann-Helen Blakset, Product Manager at Visit Nordfjord says: "We are thrilled to finally launch our new website. Working with New Mind | tellUs has been great. They have been effective and helpful and eager to make good solutions for our site. The Nordfjord region now has a user friendly and responsive website, and we are finally ready to showcase the region the way it should. Visit Nordfjord got a new visual identity this fall, and the website was the first place where this was fully implemented."


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