New VisitBristol Destination Site Pushes the Boundaries

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Setting a new standard in destination marketing in the UK is the ultimate aim of the new VisitBristol site, completed by New Mind | tellUs this week.

Destination Bristol's design brief stated that the site should be 'new and exciting, reflecting the city's innovative, unorthodox, creative and culturally challenging brand values'.  The resulting site, delivers, with a contemporary image led format utilising a quirky font and motivational, up-beat content. 

The design quality of the site can be attributed to the collaborative approach adopted for the project.  The New Mind | tellUs team had a unique opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the VisitBristol brand during an intensive two day briefing session with the client, a strategy which has paid dividends.

Destination Bristol wanted to emphasise the rich tapestry of attractions, activities and events which contribute to their overall offering.  Rather than use a large hero image format, a more flexible content tile layout has been selected, with each tile capable of representing a whole range of messages including tweets, videos, new restaurant launches and Instagram photos. Each page of the site has also been carefully designed with a focus on its content, the functionality to be included and any calls to action that the visitor should be motivated to perform.

In terms of content, sets out to represent a new type of destination website, curated by Destination Bristol but fuelled by a combination of more contextual product information in the form of photos, video and social media, supplied by tourism sector stakeholders, the local community and visitors.   

The new search layout, spanning the full width of the page rather than being limited to a column on the right, provides improved visibility and more space to include the parameters pertinent to the search.  The maps featured are stylised versions of Google Maps, which adjust according to whether the site is being viewed during the day or night, like a sat nav display. 

Income generating opportunities are presented in a subtle and intuitive manner in order to limit impact on the site's editorial integrity whilst presenting providers with a platform for additional exposure.

Head of Tourism, Kathryn Davis explained: “As well as a new design which is fully mobile compatible and with translation options reflecting key overseas markets, there are a number of new features including social media plug ins for individual businesses, increased content through blogs and itineraries and improved navigation.  It has been a few concentrated months of high pressure work as we created this site while maintaining the former site and continuing to develop our social media channels.”
Destination Bristol’s Chief Executive, John Hirst said “Some time ago we realised that our website needed to improve to meet the needs of our customers now and in the future. We met internally and then shared our thoughts with New Mind | tellUs. From the beginning we knew it would be a big job and the brief was challenging but clear. New Mind | tellUs responded well and the hard work began with both our dedicated team and their team working very closely together through the duration of the challenging project.

We are very pleased with the new site, which was launched on time and within budget.  We are yet to fully maximise all of its potential but this will be done over the next period with the ever increasing number of visitors to Bristol really benefiting from the the new site. Feedback from our members has also been very encouraging and we look forward to the new site pushing all the boundaries and being a huge success for years to come."

Richard Veal, MD of New Mind | tellUs UK comments "I certainly feel that the new VisitBristol site is among the best that the company has produced. With every new destination web project, we have the aspiration to improve, leveraging our experience from previous projects. 

Bristol is already an iconic brand and the team at Destination Bristol were not only open but actively demanding that we go beyond the limits of what had gone before.  From the initial creative concepts, right through the build and live implementation, the attention to detail has been second to none. Destination Bristol has done a fantastic job, both sourcing and writing original, creative content that really sets Bristol apart in 2015. The whole project has really been an exemplar of team-working and professionalism. We are delighted with the results and are looking forward to making sure that everyone benefits from the creative solution.”


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