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It’s been a difficult couple of years for our DMOs around the globe but in terms of web traffic it would be true to say that our SEO clients in Europe have weathered the storm well in general, and in fact have continued to grow in terms of their online presence due to their ability to adapt to a more socially-distanced landscape and of course, the ongoing support and improvements delivered by the Simpleview SEO team.

Last year we reported that rural areas were generally performing better but there is evidence to suggest that all locations seem to be making a recovery, with traffic generally spread evenly around our sites.

We’re never complacent though and with Google’s ranking algorithm getting increasingly more sophisticated, there’s always improvements that can be made.  So, what’s in store for 2022 in the world of SEO:

Google E-A-T

Google’s E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) has been around since 2014 but it continues to influence where sites are ranked in the organic search results.  By focusing on these three elements, Google looks at the quality of the content on your site:

  • Expertise - is your content accurate and up-to-date and does it convey the expertise of the curators of the content and a comprehensive level of knowledge about your destination.
  • Authority – demonstrating that you are an authority for information on your destination. By featuring backlinks or mentions from other high quality, trusted industry websites all impact on your site’s authority.  External signals such as mentions on forums and social media channels and representation at events also have an impact on your site’s perceived authority.
  • Trustworthiness – for sites to be perceived as trustworthy, they must be transparent and factually accurate so contact information, privacy policies and proof that it is reliable in the form of reviews, testimonials and endorsements all help to boost your trustworthiness.

Technical SEO

We won’t get too bogged down in the detail but basically this includes aspects such as speed, security, sitemaps and structured data, all of which will play a key role in where your site ranks.  Simpleview’s SEO maintenance services ensure that all of these aspects are monitored for optimum performance.

Long-Form Content

The shift to long-form content continues (content with more than 3000 words) as evidence suggests that this type of content generates more traffic and shares. Making that content easy to scan (especially on mobile) by breaking it up into sections with headings, formatting etc. and share will be increasingly important.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has not only affected the way that visitors interact with content online but has also started to play a part in SEO. Google’s AI algorithm, RankBrain is considered to be one of the most important factors in determining how sites rank in the search engine results pages (SERPS) in 2022 and although there’s still not much information around as to its exact functionality, user experience is thought to be a key ranking factor.

Search Intent & The Visitor Journey

Search intent is expected to be more important in 2022 so content will need to be structured and presented in a way that answers the visitors search query quickly and effectively.  It’s not all about content but the way that the visitor moves through the site to find what they’re looking for so the site’s structure needs to assist the visitor in their journey, eliminate any potential barriers to finding the information that they need and enhance the overall user experience.

Mobile Friendliness

In 2015 Google made this an official ranking factor and in 2019 its ‘mobile-first indexing' was introduced meaning that the search engine will primarily look at the mobile version of sites to determine where their content is ranked.  This is particularly important as it is estimated that by 2025, 75% of internet users will browse sites via their mobiles.

Video Content

Video is increasingly being used by our clients to engage the visitor and video content will need to be an integral part of any SEO strategy going forward, boosted by appropriate keywords and hashtags to ensure it can be found in the SERPS.

So as always, the world of SEO continues to evolve and our clients’ destination sites will need to adapt to stay on top of the latest trends.  Simpleview’s range of SEO packages help to ensure that the external landscape is constantly being monitored and any new trends or developments are built into our offering.  Here’s what a few of our SEO clients have to say about their experience of working with us:

Rob Cowley – Visit Lake District

"Following our major rebrand and move to the Simpleview platform we embarked on a programme of SEO to help us achieve our aims with the new website. Andrew and the team’s help has been invaluable, providing monthly reports, useful catch-up calls and practical advice on tasks to improve content and traffic to the site. His technical knowledge is superb and he is able to talk about technical matters in a straightforward and easy to understand way. We look forward to continuing working with Simpleview to make more improvements over the coming months."

Laura Valentine – Visit West

"The Simpleview SEO team has been fundamental in growing and improving our audiences across both our consumer sites, and This year they have helped us with some massive wins from the early planning stages of a successful new Visit Bath website, all the way through to Visit Bristol’s best performing month for organic traffic in November 2021. 

The monthly report and calls are thorough and accessible with lots of actionable tasks and ideas for further growth. We have been able to use the information shared to plan and manage our content programme across the sites. Without the work of the Simpleview SEO team, we would not be able to keep on top of and battle the constant moving targets and updates from the wider search engines and macro environment, so they really are worth their weight in gold. We look forward to continuing our relationship and seeing even more improvements to our rankings and site traffic."

Gjertrud Coutinho – Visit Bergen

"It’s what’s on the inside that counts. Not only in life, but also online. And what you and I might not see, Google (and SimpleView) does. Andrew takes care of all the complicated and very important issues so that I don’t have to worry about it. He wants to make the site perform as best as possible and his knowledge about SEO is outstanding. If we ever have to cut in our budget, this service will be the last to go!”

Sarah Hannity – Discover Northern Ireland

"During the migration of to the Simpleview platform in 2020, SEO played a major role, and it was vitally important that it was done right. Having a knowledgeable expert on-hand to assist not only with the movement of thousands of pages of content, but also the day-to-day performance of the site has been really reassuring. Andrew is friendly and approachable, and always happy to help. When we’ve needed his assistance for content planning or page performance he has been there to call upon. His monthly calls and reports are great for tracking performance and identifying potential for improvement. For DMOs like us, the SEO support provided is invaluable."

Jill Harlow - Visit Isle of Wight

"Simpleview continues to provide much needed SEO advice on how to ensure our website continues to excel on search engines. In 2021 our website had a record year for visits and business web pages saw an increase in the number of views. The monthly call and report provides regular support that is delivered in a clear, concise and friendly manner. Further help and advice is given alongside the monthly support, which provides further assistance when required."

If you would like to find out more about Simpleview’s flexbile range of SEO packages, get in touch with your Account Manager.




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