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Simpleview’s SEO reports are encouraging and continue to show a tentative exit from lockdown, and with event calendars only just starting to repopulate, we expect this growth to continue over the coming months.

But what can you do to give your destination the best chance of recovery and make sure that your content is visible to people searching for a break over the coming months.  With the current popularity of the Staycation, the UK’s destinations are certainly in demand, so competition has never been so fierce.

Clients who opt for Simpleview’s SEO Growth package have access to two services which are aimed at ensuring that their destination performs well, maximises its exposure and pulls in traffic.

Backlink Profile Management

A critical concept in SEO is that of ‘Authority’, ie. the way in which the search engines gauge the quality of a site and its content.  Backlinks are a key driver of authority calculations as they send a message to the search engines that another site considers your site’s content worthy of a link.  The more backlinks that your site earns, the more valuable your content is regarded. Think of them as a vote of confidence for your site’s content.  

Simpleview’s backlink profile management service ensures that opportunities to direct traffic to the destination site are always exploited.  So what does it cover? Basically, it includes the identification of:

  • Key sites within the catchment of the destination that could potentially link to the DMO’s site (in collaboration with the DMO)
  • Broken backlinks that the DMO would benefit from reconnecting with. These are categorized and prioritized. Missing content is also identified that, if restored, can be of subsequent benefit. 
  • Toxic backlinks to be disavowed. (DMOs have a high domain authority and so are less likely to be impacted by these but this still an important element of a comprehensive SEO strategy.

Competitor Analysis

Simpleview’s competitor analysis offering is a research service which feeds into our keyword research and content strategy services, providing our destinations with a unique insight into their current performance in the marketplace and what they’re up against in terms of competition.  It covers the identification of the following:

  • Content Gap Analysis – any potential content that your competitor has that you don't
  • Competitor Top Performing Content – the content that drives the most traffic from search on your competitors’ sites
  • Competitor Top Performing Keywords
  • Competitor Backlink Analysis - scoping out the competitors’ backlink profile to inform the DMO of potential opportunities to attract new links

So combined, the two services ensure that you’re exploiting all the potential opportunities to boost your site’s authority and generate more traffic, whilst monitoring the competition so that your destination isn’t missing out on any relevant keywords or content to engage the visitor.

The clients who opt for one of our SEO packages don't just benefit from the SEO implementation work itself but also from the ongoing strategy planning when we discuss ideas with our clients during regular conference calls and provide access to constantly evolving industry knowledge and expertise from the Simpleview SEO team. Find out more about what Simpleview’s clients have to say about our SEO packages by checking out some testimonials from earlier this year.

Backlink profile management and competitor analysis are included within the most comprehensive of Simpleview’s SEO packages, the SEO Growth package.  For clients who are already utilising our SEO services and are interested in upgrading to include the services described, or if you don’t currently use our SEO services but would be interested in finding out more, please contact your Account Manager.




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