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The popularity of User Generated Content has exploded since the start of the COVID-19 crisis due to its effectiveness in connecting people, bringing communities together and reaching a global audience.  

At a time when marketing budgets are being slashed and teams are forced to work remotely, UGC is not only a great source of curated content but it is generally regarded as more authentic and offers a real-life perspective. UGC can also act as a crowd sourcing solution for imagery at a time when DMOs may be wanting to reduce their marketing spend generally.

A study by Nielsen found that 92% of consumers trust organic UGC more than traditional advertising.  In research from Social Media Today, 93% of consumers say that UGC is helpful when they are considering a purchase and Millennials in particular rely heavily on UGC as a ‘good indicator’ as to whether a brand or product is high quality. There’s no doubt that UGC is here to stay.

For DMOs, UGC is proving effective in the reopening phase, particularly when messaging may need to focus primarily on a specific aspect of the destination’s (or its providers’) offer or attributes eg. for reassuring visitors on health and safety post COVID-19, to inspire their confidence and entice them back.  The use of UGC is particularly effective for DMOs wanting to promote their destinations to their local communities as part of a staycation campaign.

DMOs obviously need to work within the relevant regulations for their region but marketing departments have the ability to storytell and turn the dry, factual information that health organisations sometimes distribute into compelling content in a responsible way. 

In the latest episode of the Layover Live from our colleagues in the USA, Jason Swick, Simpleview’s VP of Digital Marketing is joined by Amrita Gurney, VP of Marketing at visual marketing software platform, Crowdriff.  In the interview, Jason and Amrita discuss how DMOs are using UGC to promote health and safety through COVID-19 recovery, how UGC can be used during staycation campaigns and best practices for UGC rights management.

Crowdriff is one of a number of UGC aggregation platforms currently being offered by Simpleview to meet the needs of DMOs of varying size and budget. Please contact your Account Manager if you would like to find out more about how your destination can exploit the use of UGC. 




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