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The effectiveness of email marketing has been questioned in recent years as the use of social media has continued to grow. However, the good news is that email marketing is alive and kicking in 2019 and is still proving its effectiveness as a core communication and sales tool. 

According to a recent study by McKinsey and Company, email marketing is up to 40 times more effective, and the buying process happens 3 times faster than social media.  As marketers continue to experiment with chatbots, wearables and beacons, email marketing still has a place.  The DMA’s latest report tells us that 73% of consumers prefer email as channel for brand communications. The number of email users is predicted to reach 3 billion in 2020.

There are a number of reasons for its current popularity.  It’s still relatively cost effective with an impressive ROI when compared to other marketing tools.  According to the DMA, for every £1 spent on email marketing, the average return on investment is £42.24. The increased use and evolution of mobile devices has also been key to its growth.  Two thirds of emails are opened on smartphones and tablets.

There is no doubt that email marketing should still be included in the digital toolset, but as with any marketing tool, it requires a strategy, with content relevant to the target market’s interests and behaviour.  Sending out irrelevant content combined with sending out too many poorly timed campaigns can result in poor open rates and unsubscribes as we all know.  

Simpleview’s MailMinder email marketing solution aims to maximise the effectiveness of our DMO’s campaigns by closing the loop between their email marketing activity and visitor interactions on their websites by utilising visitor data to personalise email content.  

Following a series of recent functionality enhancements to MailMinder, we can now offer the ability to target consumers who are likely to be in-destination based upon the date-driven searches they have performed on the website.  Targeting based on tourism products searched for and viewed during visitors’ web sessions is also now possible.  In addition, the inferred data such as the likely date of their visit based on their accommodation and event search data can be used to target recipients with pinpoint accuracy.  This data is anonymous initially until the visitor opts to engage with the DMO, eg. by signing up to receive the e-newsletter. However, once they do, the data can be tied back to the individual and their data protection preferences. 

MailMinder seamlessly builds on our Visitor CRM module which already captures valuable information such as lifestyle interests, competitions entered and brochure requests and enables you to build targeted recipient lists for each campaign. The difference now though is that mailing lists are dynamic, continually updating with live visitor data based upon the criteria that has been defined by our DMOs.

The integration of MailMinder with our destination websites and Visitor CRM delivers major benefits over 3rd party solutions such as MailChimp, Communicator and Constant Contact.   By making use of this personalised data and turning their email marketing into ‘intelligent email marketing’, our DMOs can transform the impact of their campaigns.

Here’s what two of our clients have to say about their MailMinder experience:

James Maidment, Visit Dorset

"We’ve been using MailMinder for just over a year and the platform is a marked improvement on our previous system.  The drag and drop function makes compiling emails so much easier, allowing you to create different templates and providing great versatility."

Claire Toze, Visit Exeter

"We have started using MailMinder for all Visit Exeter’s public email communications. We’ve found it easy to use, and much quicker to build an email using products from our website than other email software systems we’ve used previously. The fact that it is fully integrated with the DMS and therefore our CRM means we can easily send more targeted emails to consumers."  

For more information on our MailMinder email marketing solution, contact your Account Manager.




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