In this month’s blog we introduce the AudioEye digital accessibility solution, providing our DMOs with an opportunity to provide equal access to their online content and enhance the user experience for ALL of their website visitors, regardless of their individual abilities.

AudioEye addresses the needs of users with specific digital needs by delivering web accessibility and usability within a single solution. With more than one billion people living with some form of disability, your websites’ visitors include a diverse audience, ranging from individuals who rely on assistive technology, to aging populations and people with varying levels of vision, mobility, and/or cognitive disabilities.  Simply stated, if your website is not accessible, then nearly one in five of your site visitors could be missing out on the best possible user experience.

So what exactly is AudioEye and how does it work?

Whilst our eTourism solution ensures the foundations of your destination sites are built on accessible technology, AudioEye focuses 100% on modernizing and sustaining the accessibility of your content with a comprehensive set of tools and managed service.

Websites which incorporate AudioEye’s technology feature the ‘Man in Blue’ internationally recognised digital accessibility icon in the corner of the screen.  Users can experience a personalised digital experience by accessing and consuming information in the manner which is best suited to their disability, regardless of their device type, language preference or preferred method of access.

The AudioEye Ally Toolbar includes the following functionality:

  • Reader function - controls how pages are viewed, allowing visitors to change the font, customise the word and line spacing, zoom in and out and control the colour contrast
  • Player technology - delivers an audible experience allowing users to listen to instead of read web content
  • Voice - allows users to give basic verbal commands to control the browser experience

Check out the Man in Blue video for a full tour of the technology.

Accessible Tourism - The Business Case

In the UK, 1 in 5 people (equating to 13.9 million) have some level of disability that could prevent them from using a website.  People with health conditions and impairments (and their travelling companions) spend around £12 billion on trips in England alone each year, but an extra £117 million could be generated from additional trips if accessibility was improved.

The total spending power of families in the UK with at least one disabled person is estimated at £249 billion a year.  People from this market are more likely to take longer trips and are generally very loyal to places that meet their requirements.

Accessible websites are better for everyone; they are faster and easier to use and appear higher in search engines.


New regulations came into force for public sector bodies on 23 September 2018, stipulating that you must make your website or mobile app more accessible by making it ‘perceivable, operable, understandable and robust’. The directive exists to ensure that all public sector organisations websites and apps are accessible, using existing accessibility standards. It aims to unify the standards throughout all EU member states.  

AudioEye ensures that the site is compliant on an ongoing basis and if the accessibility criteria change, the solution is updated, so it is an ongoing service, not just a one off fix.

Credentials and Pricing

Simpleview carried out a stringent evaluation process for the digital accessibility market in order to select to the best solution for our DMOs.  AudioEye knows the destination marketing audience as it already partners with hundreds of government organisations, enabling them to create experiences that are more accessible and more usable for more people. 

As a strategic partner of AudioEye, we have been able to negotiate a heavily reduced rate on behalf of our clients, making digital accessibility more affordable than ever.   

Compliance isn't an obligation; it's an opportunity for you to better connect with your visitors. And it's the right thing to do.  For a free accessibility scan or to find out more, visit our AudioEye product page or contact your Account Manager.

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