Google's new one-stop trip planning tool, Destinations on Google is currently generating a buzz in the travel world so we thought we should look into it further...

Developed in response to Google's internal research data which shows that travel related search on Google increased by 50% last year, the new tool intends to meet the challenge to get all the information that the traveller needs on one small screen.

Destinations on Google is a search tool for mobile which allows users to make comparisons between destinations in Google search.  Users enter the name of the continent, country or state that they interested in visiting followed by the word 'destination'.  By integrating with Google Flights and Hotel Search, Destinations on Google enables users to compare up-to-date flights and hotel prices at a glance, together with information on the best time to travel.  Searches by interest are available so for example, entering 'Austria skiing' will generate relevant resorts, with price comparisons. 

There's also a Flexible Dates filter to allow users to refine prices by month so that they can compare fares and rates across multiple destinations within a time period to choose the best time to travel.  The Explore tab provides year-round weather information together with details on the most popular time to visit the destination based on historic visits from other travellers.  Once the destination has been selected, the 'plan a trip' option displays hotels and flight prices for the next 6 months and users are able to slide left and right to access real-time fares and rates, pulling data from Google Flights and Hotel Search.  The pencil icon provides further customisation, allowing users to specify flight and hotel preferences such as number of travellers, number of stops and standard of hotel.  Users can also access suggested itineraries based on historic visits by other travellers.

Check out Google's own blog to find out more...




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