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In June we reported on the rising popularity of the live streaming app, Periscope and its ability to allow brands to deliver engaging content through shared experiences with their customers in real time.

As the live streaming phenomenon continues to grow, the team at New Mind | tellUs is keen to look at its applications and potential for tourism organisations, particularly those who are already using a variety of social media platforms.

So what's all the hype about and why is it thought that live streaming could catch fire?  The conditions seem to be perfect:

  • The technology required to create and consume video is becoming ubiquitous - it is estimated that by the end of 2016, 2 billion people worldwide will own a smartphone
  • Technology is becoming more affordable for people all over the world
  • The sharing of media content is no longer a niche activity - sharing has become a cultural norm and the idea of people broadcasting aspects of their personal lives is no longer regarded as absurd
  • With Periscope being directly linked to Twitter, businesses already using the social network can easily share their Periscope broadcasts

Here's a few ideas of how businesses from the tourism sector and beyond are already using Periscope:

Turkish Airlines claims to be the first major travel carrier to have run a live broadcast of the cockpit and cabin crew's transatlantic flight via Periscope, starting with a live streaming of the crew garden at Istanbul Ataturk airport, with both pilots and flight attendants contributing.  The crew's preparations for the journey were then filmed, followed by live images of them at work once the aircraft was airborne.  Live on-board WIFI enabled viewers to observe the broadcast and once it went live in the United States, Turkish Airlines introduced some interactivity by asking viewers to guess the ultimate destination of the journey.  The crew signed off with a farewell message from the iconic Times Square in New York City.

Visit North Carolina seized the opportunity shortly after the launch of Periscope, live streaming video captured across the state from the mountains to the coast, showcasing the vast and rich experiences of the various regions to its followers.  Audiences had the chance to experience the state’s #VacationBig campaign first-hand by learning about the Spanish mustangs while touring Carova Beach at noon, taking a ride in the NASCAR Hall of Fame simulator in Charlotte, before crossing Grandfather Mountain’s Mile High Swinging Bridge at 2pm.

Benefit Cosmetics, the San Francisco based make-up brand frequently engages its community on Periscope by hosting Q&As and live make-up tutorials with its own experts and influencers, with an average of 2000 live viewers tuning in to a stream.

DKNY takes its fans on 'Inside' tours, introducing them to the faces behind the brand. 

GE used drones equipped with Periscope on guided tours through remote facilities as a part of #Droneweek last month.

Taco Bell hosted a mock press conference about its new breakfast menu item and invited fans to stop by to enjoy a free 'Biscuit Taco'.

Organisations that are smart enough to start live streaming now and begin the process of building an audience may end up like the early adopters of Twitter and Facebook, staying ahead of the curve and enjoying massive social media followers.

New Mind | tellUs partner, Digital Tourism Think Tank (DTTT) is hosting a Periscope #DMOtakeover one-day special on Tuesday 6th October.  They hope to have as many DMOs involved as possible, to broadcast for 20 minutes each, and provide an exclusive insight into their team, offices, board-meetings, road-trips, and activities. To make this possible, DMOs will be allowed to takeover DTTT's Twitter account via Periscope. This is a fantastic opportunity for DMOs to have complete access to DTTT's Twitter network of digital gurus and marketers and share what they do and what happens behind the scenes.

To get involved in the Periscope #DMOtakeover, or if you have some suggestions as to who you would like to see takeover, then go to the DTTT site.




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