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A recent report from JiWire confirms that the process of researching and booking a holiday is now a cross-device journey, starting on mobiles and often ending up on laptops.

The Mobile Audience Insight Report claims that only 53% had used a single device to book travel during the 90 day period covered by the report.  The study found that 52% had booked travel on a smartphone or tablet, compared to 48% who had booked on a laptop.

Mobiles are also being heavily used for research with 48% using smartphones, 49% using tablets and 56% using laptops.  Of the 49% who research on their tablet, 30% book their smartphone, 54% stick with their tablet, and 67% book on their laptop. Finally, among the 56% researching on their laptop, 31% book on their smartphone, 39% cross over to a tablet to purchase, and 75% finish the purchase on their laptop.

“Mobile is important for the travel industry,” said David Staas, president of JiWire, San Francisco. “Consumers are relying on smartphones and tablets more than ever to research and make travel-related purchases.  And while we're seeing growth of mobile usage for the travel industry, we're also seeing cross-device behaviour, with people researching on one device, but booking on another,” he said.

It looks like we’re reaching a tipping point for mobile now so mobile visitors can’t be ignored.  New Mind’s new responsive mobile approach provides an affordable alternative to developing a fully responsive site.  Check out our feature on the launch of the Visit Wiltshire mobile responsive solution for more information.

Source - European Travel Commission - New Media TrendWatch




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